Than cryofacial massage is useful

Than cryofacial massage is useful

In modern cosmetology there are very many tools and the techniques capable to cope even with the most serious shortcomings of skin. So-called cryomassage belongs to the category of the most effective procedures.


1. Cryomassage is the kind of cryotherapy meaning complex combination of cold impact on body tissues in complex with massage receptions. Allocate two main types of cryomassage: influence with use of moderately low temperatures and influence with use of extremely low temperatures. The maximum threshold of temperature in this case can reach to - 120 wasps. Anyway, cryotherapy effectively solves set of skin problems and illnesses. The procedure in itself quite pleasant, takes place it quickly, and the effect can be noticed practically at once.

2. What "does" cryomassage "treat"? The procedure of cryomassage effectively saves the patient's skin from new growths, noticeable pigmental spots, inflammation at acne of oily skin of the person, wrinkles. Also the technique allows to fight against decrease in elasticity of skin effectively. Quite often such massage is performed during the rehabilitation, recovery period after plastic surgeries. At the same time, cryomassage perfectly helps also at hair loss, at headache, itch of head skin and other "troubles".

3. Safety of the procedure. Liquid nitrogen which is used at the heart of cryofacial massage is absolutely safe for skin and human health in general. It does not cause catarrhal diseases, does not provoke burns, is not capable to blow up, etc. Under the influence of liquid nitrogen, vessels are narrowed, the nervous excitability of cages decreases, the blood-groove decreases. The procedure of such massage is painless and safe. Perhaps only easy pricking and cold which will quickly disappear on completion of the procedure in the cosmetologist's office.

4. The technique of cryofacial massage is one of the most effective at present stage of development of cosmetology. Such massage quickly and without serious consequences saves from various skin problems, without demanding serious financial investments in treatment. Eels, hems, alopecias, wrinkles, pigmental spots and many other things are cryomassage will help everyone. Before holding procedure it is desirable to consult with the expert concerning the available contraindications.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team