Than do temporary tattoo

Than do temporary tattoo

The fashion for tattoos has arisen in extreme antiquity. Having passed through centuries, it has not lost the relevance: now the increasing number of people decorates the body with various drawings. Some do them at once and for a long time, others at first try on temporary tattoo.

At supporters of temporary tattoos the drawings made in style of aero tattoo by means of pencil, the handle or marker and also henna enjoy the greatest popularity. Both translated tattoos, and special tattoos stickers are relevant. To draw with the easiest and easy way to itself temporary tattoo drawing the image on skin by means of marker with thin core or handles is. But various chemicals which are contained in such "tools" can become the cause of allergy or irritation on skin. Minus of this way is also that such drawings are very quickly erased.

The great popularity is gained by aero tattoos. They are put without serious consequences, quickly, do not cause allergic reactions. They are drawn through cliche by means of air brush. Temporary aero tattoos are almost indistinguishable from the real analogs. The drawing can be executed both black, and multi-colored. The aero tattoo, drawn with special paints, effectively shines at hit of ultraviolet on it. On skin such tattoo remains about three weeks.

Translated tattoos and tattoo sticker are the most available and easy way of decoration of body the beautiful drawing. They can be got in one of specialized shops and to apply on the chosen part of body. The similar tattoo looks just as usual and differs only in opportunity to get rid of it at any time. Tattoos are made by henna or by means of cliches, or if the artist is rather experienced, without them. In specialized shops for these purposes sell paste from henna, it is possible to prepare it and in house conditions. The drawing can be put with brush, Q-tip, toothpick, by means of the special syringe. That such tattoo kept on skin as long as possible, it is necessary to look after her. When drying the drawing the skin is moisturized mix of sugar and lemon juice. After drying of paste of tattoo wipe with olive, sesame or mustard oil. When carrying tattoo from henna it is recommended to limit long contacts of the drawing with water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team