Than it is better to increase nails

Than it is better to increase nails

The most popular is nail extension with use of two materials: acrylic and gel. Having looked at numerous photos of the increased nails on the Internet, you will hardly be able to define what technology has been used in each case. Nevertheless, gel, and at acrylic has venerators and opponents.

Practice makes perfect

First of all remember: the main thing is to elect the skilled, conscientious master. The professional always uses qualitative quillworts, considers condition of nails, acts carefully, will give helpful advice. The client of the qualified specialist will receive beautiful and strong nails of the necessary length, irrespective of the applied technology. But nevertheless row is important differences between gel and acrylic about which it is necessary to know.

Pluses and minuses of acrylic

Acrylic does not suit those who are sensitive to pungent unpleasant smells: during building can seem that you are in the stomatologist's office. Further nails do not smell. "Flavourless" acrylic also is presented at the market, but it is considered that its quality is lower. It is better to refuse acrylic if you are slopes to allergy: there is risk to cause aggravation. And statement about harm of acrylic no more than the myth as concentration of connections, dangerous to the person, in materials for building is minimum.

At the same time acrylic nails very strong also do not break even in extreme situations: for example, during the active sports trainings. It is possible to remove the nails increased by acrylic independently in house conditions, this procedure is similar to washing off of usual varnish. Only acrylic allows to create "aquarian" neyl-design: to decorate nail with volume details - rhinestones, lace.

Pluses and minuses of gel

The surface of the nail increased by gel strongly shines and looks superukhozhenno even without putting varnish. Such nails are not influenced by household chemicals: gel does not "screw up the face", does not burst even at hit on nail of strong means for cleaning. There are no unpleasant smells when building. Gel is hypoallergenic material. However gel is sensitive to mechanical damages and sharp change of temperatures, is not subject to repair - the broken nail should be replaced. Removal of gel from nails is carried out by cutting and happens in salon. Building cost gel usually above.

Important information

Nail extension, as well as any cosmetic procedure, has number of contraindications. Surely get acquainted with them before making the choice. Neither gel, nor acrylic it is impossible to increase nails at cardiovascular diseases and diseases of blood, diabetes, reception of strong antibiotics and fungal infections.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team