Than it is possible to bleach face

Than it is possible to bleach face

The unhealthy way of life, diseases of internals, low-quality cosmetics – all this negatively affects condition of skin: it can get yellowish or grayish shade. Fortunately, the face can be bleached and skin will become healthy and beautiful again.

The bleaching lotions and washings

Excellently rice broth bleaches skin. Prepare it from such ingredients: - 1 tablespoons of rice;

- water.

Rice is filled in with small amount of water, put mix on fire, brought to boiling and, having reduced fire to small, cook 5-7 minutes. After gruel filter through the gauze put in several layers. Broth is cooled, spilled on molds and frozen. Wipe with this ice face including eye area, before going to bed, then apply the moisturizing cream to skin. Such cubes store in the fridge no more than 3 days.

Grapefruit juice has the similar bleaching effect. The cleaned face skin is wiped with grapefruit segments (it is possible to apply grapefruit juice to skin or to wipe face with the frozen grapefruit juice).

Kefir has the bleaching effect. The procedure looks so: by means of cotton tampon apply this fermented milk product to the cleaned skin and leave such mask for 18-20 minutes. The similar bleaching procedures should be done twice a day: in week the person will become lighter and will gain healthy color.

Skin lightening by means of special cosmetic mixes

The lemon and honey mask perfectly clarifies skin, saving from pigmental spots and freckles. Recipe of this mix is as follows: - lemon juice; - 2-2.5 tablespoons of honey. The product of beekeeping is mixed with lemon juice. Then impregnate with this mix fabric napkin and put it on face. Duration of this procedure is 5-7 minutes, and the recommended performance frequency – twice-three times a week. The mask is washed away cool water. If skin dry, after such procedure recommend to cover face with cream or nutritious cream. It is also possible to prepare the bleaching cosmetic mix consisting of the following ingredients: - 8-10 g of sugar; - lemon of the average sizes; - protein of egg; - 10 ml of water. The egg white beaten in light foam is mixed with sugar, water and lemon juice. Weight is applied to the cleaned face skin and left for 27-30 minutes. Wash away mix cool water and cover skin with nutritious cream. The full course makes 6-7 procedures which should be carried out every other day. Besides, the appetizing strawberry mask remarkably bleaches skin. For this purpose take several ripe berries, mash them fork and put gruel on the cleaned face. Leave mix for 13-15 minutes, then wash away cool water. The melon mask has the same effect (pulp of melon is crushed and put on face for 15 minutes).

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