Than it is possible to dye hair

Than it is possible to dye hair

Women are seldom happy with the appearance. The easiest way to change something in itself – to refuse habitual color of hair. There is mass of ways to paint head of hear for short or long term.

Than to dye hair

All dyes can be divided into four groups. These are chemical, decolouring, vegetable and coloring. It is necessary to understand that dark hair need to be clarified before repainting in light shades. It is possible to decolour or clarify locks by means of special substances which can make dark hair several tones lighter. All decolouring substances are emitted in independent group as they are used both independently, and practically at all ways of coloring. All decolouring substances possess the destroying impact both on roots, and on tips of hair, so, after their application the head of hear demands careful leaving.

The following group includes chemical dyes. They interact with keratin of hair, changing its color. Such dyes often use after use of the decolouring substances. Similar chemical dyes for a long time paint hair, chemically interacting with their structure and partially destroying natural pigment. Their regular use strongly affects structure and health of hair. Therefore it is worth using them restrictedly and, at least, to care for curls by means of the special looking after means between procedures of coloring.

Black color which gives basm in itself looks very unnaturally so it is usually mixed with henna for receiving more natural shades.

Treat dyes of the third group physical, that is inactive chemically. The tinting and tinting skins, shampoos, conditioners and balms enter into this group. Such dyes affect only blankets of hair, without interacting with keratin. Coloring durability similar substances depends on the general condition of hair and degree of their porosity. Rigid curls do not keep on similar dye for a long time as paint is very quickly washed away from them. And here soft fluffy hair with the increased porosity incorporate dye, as a result to wash up it quite difficult so color remains for a long time. Dyes of this group use for minor changes of shade of hair as they cannot paint over gray hair or strongly change native shade.

That hair after coloring felt better, it is necessary to use special shampoos, masks and dyed hair balms.

Henna and basma for coloring

Natural natural dyes which do not affect structure of hair at all belong to the fourth group. Deep into hair they get because of biologically active agents, strongly taking root into head of hear. Natural dyes can possess black, red shades. Such means provide resistant color and hair treat. The only problem – their drawing. That coloring by henna or basmy looked good as much as possible, a lot of time and efforts is necessary. Natural dyes very resistant therefore to correct any error in coloring extremely difficult. Especially densely they lay down on never colored fair hair.

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