Than organic cosmetics is good

Than organic cosmetics is good

Organic cosmetics became one of the most popular novelties of the last decade. It means not only the cosmetics made of the natural components which are grown up in eco-friendly conditions without use of chemicals. Process of processing of raw materials is also subordinated to tough standards.

Advantages of organic cosmetics

The main property of organic cosmetics is safety, its application excludes organism intoxication, on the contrary, it helps to remove various toxins and ions of heavy metals. Organic cosmetics promotes stimulation of exchange processes therefore rejuvenation of skin goes naturally and gradually, without creating stressful conditions for organism. Besides, organic cosmetics does not cause accustoming and even at prolonged use does not lose the efficiency. Effect of organic cosmetics is based on use of useful properties of plants and natural minerals.

Natural minerals in organic cosmetics

Titanium dioxide, pine forest nitrite, mica, zinc oxide and gland, ultramarine and many others – all of them are carefully cleaned and crushed to present to skin beauty and health. The combination of various minerals helps to receive various types of decorative cosmetics. Thanks to development of modern cosmetic technologies, cream from extensions for pregnant women and the feeding mothers, absolutely safe for health of the child has appeared. Means from such problem as cellulitis are developed. It demands complex treatment, and the combination of natural components allows to cope effectively with this disease without use of various chemical medicines. The organic cosmetics incorporating zinc oxide well solves problems of the increased skin oiliness of the person, emergence of various inflammations, pimples and acne rash. Very often as basis for organic cosmetics sea water is used. It opens and cleans pores, killing all bacteria which are on the surface of skin saturates it with useful microelements and minerals. In many types of organic cosmetics the clay known for the cleaning and tonic properties is widely applied.

Natural minerals in decorative organic cosmetics

Natural minerals are included as well into structure of means of decorative cosmetics. Mineral cosmetics has number of advantages before usual. For example, the mineral powder which is part of tone means at any lighting looks naturally and does not create effect of mask. Plus to everything it delicately masks shortcomings of skin and gives it ideally equal tone. The structure of mineral cosmetics does not clog up pores, allowing skin to breathe freely. The make-up created by means of organic cosmetics keeps the original form for all day and does not demand adjustment. Big problem of artificial cosmetics are lack of firmness, in several hours cosmetics accumulates in folds and wrinkles of skin, thereby emphasizing them. Minerals have friable structure, are applied to skin by even thin layer, maintaining effect of youth and freshness all day. In organic cosmetics there is no water which creates environment for development of harmful microorganisms that promotes considerable decrease in inflammations on skin.

Natural extracts of plants in organic cosmetics

The curative properties of plants which long since are used for maintenance of health and youth of skin are widely used in organic cosmetics. For purification of leather aloe juice, for mitigation and food – pink and olive oils is widely used. Shea butter restores structure of hair, grapes are used as antioxidant means, seaweed are known for the anti-cellulite properties. Natural components of this cosmetics are much better acquired by skin. At the expense of acids of organic origin, protective functions of skin are restored and supported. Influence of organic cosmetics deeper and long. The natural vegetable components which are its part stimulate skin self-recovery mechanisms, without breaking natural rhythms of organism.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team