Than shellac manicure is good

Than shellac manicure is good

The procedure of covering of nails shellac is one of the main services in beauty shops. And cost on its not small. And than shellac is so good? In what its advantages?

Earlier long-term manicure was available only to those who use the procedure of nail extension. Today the situation has changed thanks to long-term covering shellac which represents symbiosis of nail varnish and gel. Than such manicure is so good?


The manicure executed by Shellac covering keeps up to four weeks. Even active housework does not influence duration. Moreover - "shellac" is not chopped off as usual varnish, does not burst and does not lose the glossy gloss. The only thing that can affect manicure is growth of nails. Then it will be just visible difference between covering and natural nail around cuticle. For the rest manicure will remain faultless.


It is remarkable, and the fact that the nails covered with "shellac" become much stronger. Weak blows are not terrible for nails at all. They remain same strong and strong, as before blow, and manicure remains fresh and beautiful. Gel polish has elastic structure. If to cover with it nails, then it protects them from cracks and demolitions.

Extensive color scale

Shellac from the CND company has extensive color scale. It is possible to choose any shade for manicure. There are also gel polishes of other firms which in the people also call "shellacs". Some have even more extensive color palette. However, it is impossible to tell about their quality with confidence. After all the real and original shellac has been developed especially for long-term manicure, and everything that has appeared after it at other firms - it is other formula, and, so and other result.

Simplicity of removal

Those who does not wish to go the whole month with one color of varnish should not despair. To remove shellac also easily, as well as nail varnish – special liquid. To cut as gel, the covering is not necessary. It is rather simple to moisten cotton pad in remuver and to remove material from nails. It is safe and simply.

Simplicity of drawing

Before manicure the nails always process, as well as before building. However, "shellac" does not demand very difficult and dangerous processing. It is rather simple to degrease nail plates, to give to nails the form, and then to put basis for gel polish. It dries, by the way, as well as gel, in the UF-lamp. For house use of rather compact lamp in 9 Watts, starting set shellac where there is all necessary, and remuver for further removal.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team