Than the lemon is useful to the person

Than the lemon is useful to the person

Lemon – one of the most unique citrus fruit which aroma lightens the mood grains and peel make salutary impact on hearts, and juice satisfies thirst. Its fruits widely apply in traditional medicine, cookery and cosmetology, for example, use lemon for face skin care.

Useful properties of lemon

Fruits of lemon are vitamin-rich, minerals and other active components. In them large amount of RR vitamin, E, B and C. As for minerals, fruits of lemon contain manganese, magnesium, iron, sodium, calcium, molybdenum, zinc, copper, sulfur, chlorine, etc. Caloric content of this citrus is only 31 kcal when calculating on 100 g. At the same time in 100 g of lemon pulp there are 0.9 g of proteins, 3 g of carbohydrates, 0.5 g of ashes, 1.3 g of cellulose, 0.1 g of fats, 0.5 g of pectin and also 5.7 g of organic acids.

Having such rich structure, fruits of lemon are good as the antiseptic, antimicrobic, bleaching, cleaning, drying and rejuvenating cosmetic. Do srubs, masks, lotions, cosmetic ice, etc. of them.

For preparation of cosmetic ice recommend to take juice of lemon and mineral water (ratio 1:1), to pour this structure on molds and to freeze. It is necessary to wipe with such cubes face skin every morning.

House lemon face make-up

For oily skin care the persons recommend to prepare the cosmetic consisting of such components: - 1 lemon; - 2 tablespoons of water; - 1 tablespoons of glycerin; - 100 ml of vodka. The prepared fruit is carefully washed out and slightly dried then grate lemon (together with peel) and mix this weight with vodka. Mix is poured in capacity from dark glass, the bottle is corked and placed for week in the warm pritenenny place. Further cosmetic is filtered, mixed with glycerin and water. This lotion is used for oily skin care: recommend to apply it to the cleaned skin twice a day. Besides, lemon juice perfectly struggles with pimples and acne. For fight against acne rash recommend to prepare tonic which recipe is as follows: - 2 tablespoons of vodka; - 2 tablespoons of lemon juice; - 2 tablespoons of water. Components carefully mix then wipe with ready mix the problem site of the person, and 3-5 minutes later wash boiled water of room temperature and apply the moisturizing cream to skin. Treatment course, as a rule, lasts 2-3 weeks: the question of need of its repetition is relevant only in case after the first treatment course desirable results have not been achieved.

At sensitive face skin with lemon juice it is necessary to be accurater.

It is also possible to prepare on the basis of lemon juice mask against wrinkles. It consists of such ingredients: - 1 parts of olive or peach oil; - 1 parts of fresh lemon juice. Recommend to wipe with this mix face skin twice a day. As a result of such procedures, skin will become tightened and will look healthy, and small wrinkles will be smoothed.

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