Than to do tattoo

Than to do tattoo

Tattoos more and more enter our life. Especially the younger generation is fond of them. Statistics say that now one tattoo is the share of 10 people. Under the concept tattoo the drawing applied on body means. Depending on the means chosen for its drawing also types of tattoos differ.

Temporary tattoos

Information stated below will be useful to beginners.

The phrase temporary tattoo speaks for itself. It is the easiest and easy way of drawing tattoo. Such drawing keeps on body within 10 days, then begins to grow dull and be washed away.

For drawing temporary tattoo the Iranian henna is used. She gets divorced water in the necessary proportion and is applied on body by means of brush.

Also when drawing the drawing the Iranian henna it is possible to use the pattern drawing which is printed on paper. On cliche paint can be applied by means of brush. These accessories are on sale.

If you are not sure that you need tattoo which you will not be able to leave, it is not necessary to hurry in salon to the master. In the beginning collect all available information on this procedure then not to regret.

The temporary tattoo can quite be made in house conditions. The permanent make-up - the cosmetic procedure performed in beauty shops also belongs to easy tattoos. For its performance special paint is also used. Other name of permanent make-up - permanent make-up. By means of permanent make-up it is possible to draw contour of eyebrows, lips, century. Special paint in tube or special pencil is used in this case. Need for permanent make-up arises if it is required to correct appearance. The master has to show special care, carrying out permanent make-up century to avoid undesirable complications. Absolutely easy way of drawing time tattoo: the translated drawing with already applied paint is used. The picture is moistened with water and nestles on body for 10 minutes. It is carefully smoothed, surplus of moisture is removed towel or cotton tampon. The drawing is translated to body.

Constant tattoos

Absolutely other situation arises when drawing the real, constant tattoo. Young people (they generally are fond of drawing tattoo) have to represent accurately that once the put drawing will remain with them for the rest of life.

Remember that scientists have established: the tattoo bearing in itself certain sense affects the fate of the person. It can help, and can spoil your destiny. Approach this choice responsibly.

The reason of it that such tattoo is put with special ink and special needles in hypodermic, in hypodermic fat cellulose. It will be possible to remove it only by means of radical measures - it is necessary to remove all damaged skin layer. After such manipulations on the place of tattoo in most cases there is hem. Besides, behind this type of tattoo special leaving is required: it is impossible to sunbathe much - the drawing fades. Such tattoo needs to be updated periodically that means its repeated drawing. And procedure this quite painful. If all of you have resolved to make constant tattoo, carefully choose the drawing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team