Than to erase varnish from nails

Than to erase varnish from nails

In the world there is nothing eternal. Same concerns also nail varnish. After the problem with its choice was solved, after a while appears new - "than to erase this varnish?". So, adopt the list of non-standard decisions on removal of old covering and also the instruction which to you will help to remove varnish correctly.

The list of means for removal of varnish from nails

There is huge number of the professional sparing tools for varnish removal. However there are such moments when liquid has reached a limit, and it is just necessary to erase decorative covering from nails. In such situations the list of means on removal of varnish in house conditions can be useful to you:

Nail varnish. Take usual varnish, apply it with thick layer over old covering and quickly erase. The old varnish coat will be removed together with new.

Bath with hot water. This way is effective at weak structure of nail plates. Pour in capacity hot water, but not in boiled water. Lower in it hands for 15 minutes. Later this time if varnish becomes soft, accurately clean it by means of the sharp device.

Spirits. About composition of perfume the same components, as enter liquid for varnish removal, but at the same time your nails will have fragrant smell. Moisten cotton pad with spirits, strong press to nail, take 1 minute and wipe with it the made-up nail. Alcohol. It is one of the most effective remedies. Besides, it has antibacterial property.

However consider that alcohol strongly dries nails.

Toothpaste. Squeeze out a little paste from tube, pound on the surface of nail and carefully remove it by means of napkin. Varnish (mousse) for hair. With its help to you will also not make special work quickly to remove old varnish. Bath from mix of 9% of vinegar and sparkling water. For 10 minutes lower nails in such mix, and after that wash out them under flowing water and remove varnish by means of cotton pad. But except knowledge, than to erase varnish, it is necessary to master still as it is correct to remove it. For this purpose you can use the detailed instruction from professional masters.

The instruction for removal of varnish from nail

Wash up and dry up hands. Lay paper towel on surface where you are going to carry out this procedure, and take spare cotton pads (or cotton balls). Wet disk liquid for removal of varnish and apply to the surface of nail. Press cotton pad and take seconds 30. Slowly, strongly pressing cotton pad, carry out by it in the direction of growth of nail. If varnish for 1 sliding was erased only partially, repeat the procedure of removal of decorative covering anew.

In conclusion wash up hands warm water with soap and grease them with the moisturizing cream.

The remained varnish in cuticle zone best of all is removed by means of cotton balls. This procedure is identical to above. Moisten cotton ball, apply to the remained varnish, take some time and carefully carry out on edge of nail. Protect the handles!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team