Than to remove sticky layer from gel polish

Than to remove sticky layer from gel polish

Gel polish is hybrid of varnish and nail gel. During its drawing on technology it is required that the dispersive layer called for the best coupling of layers of material has been removed upon termination of creation of manicure.

Manicure with use of gel polish is followed by some specific moments. In particular, and removal of sticky layer of material. Nail technicians insist that it is necessary to remove sticky layer only special means – klinser. But in house conditions it is possible to use also other means.

Special means. Klinsera

Klinser represents the liquid consisting of alcohol, water and fragrance. Its main application – removal of greasy luster from natural nails and sticky layer from gels, biogels, gel polishes. The klinser of the same firm, as gel polish is recommended to use. By producers it is conceived so that all elements of series (base for gel polish, gel polish, top for it and the accompanying liquids) suit one another ideally, without breaking the main properties. So, for example, the klinser of Irisk well deletes sticky layer from gel polishes of the same firm without prejudice to them, and can cause negative effect in others. For example, turbidity of color at gel polish.

Improvised liquids for removal

If near at hand there is no special means, then it is possible to use as an exception and house substitutes. For example, means for removal of varnish without acetone. It perfectly deletes sticky layer from gel polish, in most cases without breaking its properties. If acetone is part of means for removal of varnish, then color of gel polish will not dim, and will be removed, as well as plain varnish. It is impossible to use the diluted acetone too as he will remove all material too. Klinser it is possible to make in house conditions if to mix alcohol and water (ratio: 30% of alcohol and 70% of water). It can be used for removal of sticky layer of gel polish, at the same time material does not grow turbid, is not erased, not chopped off further. Ant and boric pharmaceutical alcohol can be used in undiluted look as they do not affect the main properties of gel polish. Such strong alcoholic drink as vodka, too well copes with removal of dispersive layer from gel polishes. In most cases without prejudice to the end result – manicure turns out such color, as well as thought. Colors do not turn pale, do not grow turbid. Even expensive Shellac perfectly keeps the properties in spite of the fact that by the producer it is expressed the need to use only their branded accompanying liquids. That, how well gel polish will keep the properties after removal of dispersion by make-shifts, depends not only on means, but also on quality of material. Some budgetary series, unfortunately, lose beauty and grow turbid if not to use professional klinser.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team