Than to remove waterproof cosmetics

Than to remove waterproof cosmetics

Waterproof cosmetics cannot be washed away qualitatively by means of usual water and soap. For removal of waterproof make-up it is necessary to use special cosmetic products.

Than it is possible to remove waterproof make-up

Many women like to use waterproof cosmetics as it has great firmness. Such make-up can hold on on face in steady-state condition from morning to the evening. But resistant cosmetics possesses one shortcoming - not so simply to wash away it.

For removal of waterproof make-up there are certain cosmetic products. Usual means in this case can be inefficient. And low-quality removal of cosmetics can cause problems with skin.

In modern shops the huge range of means for removal of waterproof cosmetics is provided. Each woman can pick up product for the taste and proceeding from requirements of own skin. For dry face skin products perfectly will be suitable for makeup removal on oily base. Those who does not like to wash away cosmetics liquid means can advise to buy special cream which dissolves even theatrical make-up. Such cream it is necessary to put on face massage movements, and then to wash away usual water. Owners of oily skin of the person can use special gels and lotions for removal of waterproof cosmetics. If the woman uses both waterproof, and usual cosmetics at the same time, she should stop the choice on two-phase means for makeup removal. Before their application it is necessary to stir up bottle, mixing at the same time water and fat phases. In the absence of special means for removal of waterproof cosmetics it is possible to remove make-up and by means of vegetable oil. In this case olive, sunflower oils will be ideal. Some cosmetologists consider such way of removal of cosmetics the most effective and useful to skin.

How to remove make-up it is correct

Qualitatively to wash away cosmetics and at the same time not to injure gentle skin, it is necessary to learn to use means for makeup removal correctly. It is important to remember that for removal of make-up from eyes it is necessary to use the special means intended for this sensitive area. As a last resort it is possible to use universal product on which it is specified that by means of it it is possible to delete shadows and ink for about century and eyelashes. Creamy products and gels need to be applied to the moisturized skin easy massage movements then they need to be washed away water. Two-phase products for makeup removal and also means with oily texture it is necessary to use very carefully. To remove make-up, it is necessary to wipe face by means of the cotton tampon moistened in cosmetic product. After removal of cosmetics it is necessary to wash water of room temperature. When using olive or other natural oil the additional washing is not required. It is important to remove make-up very easy movements. To stretch and rub skin absolutely inadmissibly. This rule for removal of cosmetics from eyes as skin in this area too thin and sensitive is especially relevant.

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