Than to strengthen nails

Than to strengthen nails

There are many ways of strengthening of nails: baths, various masks for hands and compresses, rubbing in of nutrients and oils, healthy nutrition, at last. To give to nails durability, it is recommended to combine several ways of leaving.

It is required to you

  • Pialochka, water, sea salt, lemon juice, iodine, castor oil, olive oil, herb infusion, natural vegetable and berry juice.


1. Nutritious nail baths are one of the best means of strengthening. They are recommended to be seen off before performance of manicure. Pour warm water into the volume of 0.5 liters and part in it salt tablespoon. After that wring out juice of lemon and add one tablespoon of juice to salty water. You keep nails in bath of 20 minutes, and later rinse hands warm water. Then apply the moisturizing cream. Do bath every other day within two weeks. As a result the condition of nails will improve. They will cease to crumble, the yellowish shade will leave, the effect of bleaching will become noticeable.

2. One more recipe for bath: part tablespoon of sea salt in 0.5 l of water, add 5 drops of iodine and mix. You keep nails in bath no more than 10-15 minutes. Later rinse hands with cool water and apply the good moisturizing cream. Do bath 2-3 times a week. Course duration: 2 weeks. As a result nails cease to be stratified, and their surface becomes more smooth.

3. Herb infusion is very good means for strengthening of nails. It is possible to buy any grass collecting in drugstore and to make it. However it is the is best of all the camomile and burdock copes with fragility. For bath prepare 200 ml of strong made infusion. Preparation time of mix: two-three of hours. After that dilute infusion with hot water and make nail bath. Instead of insisting it is possible to boil thoroughly herbs within several minutes on average fire.

4. If you have overdried nails or they very slowly grow, make bath of olive oil. It is the most popular in care for nails. It is recommended to add to oil fresh lemon juice also. Such ratio: juice tablespoon on five tablespoons of oil. It is useful to add a little honey to oil bath. Lower nails only in warm oil, and upon termination of the procedure do not wash hand with water, and wipe with paper or fabric napkins. So you prolong effect of oil at several o'clock. The ideal option is to carry out the procedure and to go to bed with the oiled nails.

5. Natural juice from berries or vegetables perfectly helps to strengthen nails. Use only not sweet berries. From vegetables beet, radish, garden radish will approach. Ship tips of nails in the wrung-out juice and you hold within 15 minutes. Natural dye is very easily absorbed in skin. Therefore you should not carry out such baths on the eve of the responsible actions.

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