Than train broth is useful to hair

Than train broth is useful to hair

Along with modern progressive cosmetology means the increasing popularity is gained by national cosmetics. It does not contain chemical additives and is well of natural, useful substances. One of means – infusions and broths of grass of train which often apply at treatment and strengthening of hair and head skin.

The main advantage of train – presence in it of tannins, essential oils, mikrelement, such as iron, copper, zinc, cobalt, magnesium, etc., vitamins A and Page. This plant has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties therefore it is useful for skin. In it doctors recommend to bathe babies. It perfectly strengthens hair, helps to struggle with dandruff and solves some more problems.

The train can be grown up at itself in garden, at the dacha or to buy for absolutely little money in drugstore. And from the fresh or dried-up leaves in the kitchen to prepare broths and infusions for strengthening of hair and treatment of head skin.

Train for strengthening of hair

In villages of the woman long since used train for strengthening of hair and giving of gloss to them. Leaves of train contain keratin – provitamin A. It gives hair the vital strength and healthy look, accelerates growth of curls. Cosmetologists recommend to use train at limp, lifeless, brittle and dim hair which is often subject to chemical and mechanical influence (painting, clarification, chemical wave, use of the hair dryer and iron). At all listed problems it is necessary regularly, at least once a week, after washing to rinse hair with broth of series of average fortress. Besides, it is possible to do masks for hair care of train with addition of other components (egg, honey, kefir, burdock or castor oil). The recipe of broth of train for strengthening of hair: fill in with one glass of hot water two tablespoons of the crushed plant. Infuse liquid within 2/3 hours, then filter through gauze. Before rinsing dissolve the received broth with 1 liter of warm water and apply to head skin and all length of hair. It is not obligatory to wash away infusion. Hair should be washed previously shampoo and to rinse carefully.

Train for treatment of dandruff

Dandruff – widespread problem with head skin as at men so at women. And esthetic slovenliness many unpleasant moments can bring the naggers. Even expensive shampoos not always exempt once and for all from this problem. And the train effectively and economically copes with dry dandruff. Seborrhea, or dandruff, develops owing to violation of work of sebaceous glands of head skin. The train contains tannins with anti-inflammatory effect that promotes reduction and total disappearance of dandruff. Broth against dandruff: fill in with water 4-5 tablespoons of the crushed plant. You boil broth of 6-7 minutes on slow fire. In warm look rub train in head skin two times a week for one month.

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