Than whey is useful to the person

Than whey is useful to the person

It is difficult to overestimate useful properties of whey for this reason it is so widely applied: it is used as dietary product as medical medicine and also as cosmetic. For example, this fermented milk product is applied at face skin care.

Whey – well of valuable elements. It is rich with biotin, vitamins of the A, C, E and B groups and also potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, nicotinic acid, etc. Besides, at this "healing water" there are pro-biotic bacteria. Thanks to such surprising structure this fermented milk product makes salutary impact on face skin: it deeply moisturizes the skin, cleans it and improves color, effectively fights against goose pads and other signs of aging of skin and also perfectly bleaches freckles.

Uniqueness of this fermented milk product that it is suitable for care for any type of skin. Whey can be used as means for washing or as tonic. Also it is possible to make cosmetic ice of this "healing water" and to wipe with it face. Besides, it is possible to include whey in structure of face pack.

The bleaching means prepared from whey

The recipe of this means fighting against freckles and pigmental spots, is as follows:

- 2 tablespoons of fat home-made cottage cheese; - 2 tablespoons of whey. After careful mixing of components (homogeneous mass has to turn out), gruel is applied to the prepared skin and left for 10-12 minutes. Then rinse face with water of comfortable temperature. The procedure is performed twice a week. For bleaching of face skin the mask prepared from such components can be used: - 1 part of fermented milk product; - 1 part of lemon juice. This bleaching liquid is applied to skin and left for 13-15 minutes then rinse skin with cool water. Such procedure should be carried out twice a day. Long course depends on condition of skin and, of course, desirable result.

Whey for the withering skin

To return to skin former elasticity and to make it elastic and also the cosmetic mix prepared according to the following recipe will help to give beautiful color to it: - 1.5 tablespoons of fat cottage cheese; - 1.5 tablespoons of fermented milk product; - 2-3 drops of olive oil. Nutritious weight is applied to the cleaned face skin and left for 15-17 minutes, then wash water of comfortable temperature.

Food and moistening of face skin by means of whey

To prepare this nutritious means, take the following components: - 2 parts of whey; - 1 part of strawberry, apricot or banana pulp. Pulp is crushed in the blender in gruel then this puree is mixed with fermented milk product. Ready cosmetic mix is applied to skin, and 20-23 minutes later washed away.

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