That for the woman it is more important to make up: eyes or lips?

That for the woman it is more important to make up: eyes or lips?

Makeup artists consider that at make-up of the person most carefully and either lips, or eyes have to be brightly underlined. It is equally accented the allocated both lips, and eye, prevent creation of organic image and are considered as signs of nasty taste.

Doing the make-up easy daily or brighter, evening, the woman should think on what part of the person it is going to place emphasis – in the eyes or lips. Of course, these parts of the face in itself are rather expressive, but it is worth preferring and beating nevertheless nevertheless that that has more than the advantages or, on the contrary, without make-up will look too blankly, will be lost on face.

Emphasis on lips

It is worth highlighting lips if the woman has by nature big expressive eyes with beautiful section and fluffy long eyelashes. They will and draw without excess cosmetic tricks attention to themselves, and here lips should pay more attention. If the woman of ideal form has mouth, cheekbones, chin – she quite is able to afford to experiment and transfer emphasis from eyes to the lower part of the person, having made lips the central part of image.

At make-up of lips it is necessary to remember that color of lipstick has to be in harmony with tsvetotipy appearance, with clothes, accessories. You should not choose bright red lipstick – it to very few people goes. The exception is made unless the young girls who have chosen for themselves dress with inclusion of details in tone to lipstick.

Women with summer or winter tsvetotip should use cold lipsticks of tone, and with spring or autumn - warm.

Accent in the eyes

Eyes emphasize more often than lips. And to that there is set of reasons. Sometimes, and quite often, that the eye shape, their section, need correction by means of cosmetics. The make-up is capable to correct many shortcomings, and, having paid more attention to eyes, the girl will look more attractively. It is worth allocating eyes and not to accent lip and in case the shape of lips needs considerable correction or it age changes have already concerned. By the way, in the latter case it should be taken into account that drawing attention to lips, the woman places emphasis on the lower part, and it is undesirable if the face form has undergone changes in connection with age, nasolabial folds are allocated and wrinkles around lips are noticeable. In this case, opposite, it is better to distract attention from problem part of the face and to place emphasis in the eyes.

It is considered that than the woman is more senior, especially she has to be moderated in cosmetics use. The bright make-up is good only for young age.

Besides, the make-up of eyes gives more opportunities to beat it according to the chosen clothes: use of pencil or eyeliner, ink and, of course, shadow of various shades gives more opportunities for creation of complete image. It is necessary to remember that brightly allocating eyes, at all you should not forget about lips, but for their make-up select the neutral colors of lipstick close to natural color of lips, and at times and to tone of skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team