That it is better: tonalka or powder?

That it is better: tonalka or powder?

women want to look attractively. But not all have been given by nature equal and beautiful face skin. It does not mean that it is impossible to be irresistible? Presently there are many adjusting means which will help to recreate improbable and irresistible image of the desired woman. Problems with skin are connected directly with deterioration in ecology and poor quality of food which offers the market. And stress? The person is constantly subject to stressful situations which have negative effect on appearance too.

It is very seldom possible to find the beautiful woman who by nature so looks and does not use any cosmetics. Do you think, actresses by nature such beautiful and incredibly sexual? They work hard to look for one million dollars. So why and to us not to work over itself? All negative factors first of all affect appearance of face skin. And as is well-known the woman's face is business card. And therefore it is necessary to fight for beautiful condition of skin. The cosmetic industry does not stand still, and all the time will improve the new technologies. There are many effective remedies which will help to find beauty. Tone cream and powder are on the first place for creation of attractive image in only a few minutes.

How to pick up foundation?

In the 90th dermatologists cautiously treated foundations and advised to refuse this means. At that time liquid foundations had very dense structure. It, of course, well performed the adjusting functions, but also did not allow skin to breathe. Time was hammered, and very often at women the allergic reaction and reddenings of skin, sometimes rashes was shown. All these side effects long ago in the past. Today the improved composition of cosmetics entirely differs from the last century. Today the cosmetic companies offer not just matting medicines which level complexion, but also quality cream with the restoring components for face skin. Now foundation is need for the woman. This means protects skin from industrial pollution, soot and other dust in the large cities. Many tonalka contain vitamin E which nourish skin. And here the tone cream with UF-protection perfectly will be suitable for the summer period of time. It is necessary to apply these means intelligently. Liquid foundations individually for each type and complexion are selected. You should not buy several tones more darkly cream if you have light skin. It as though your face has burned in sunbed will look. It is recommended to apply resistant basis not more often than 4 times a week. Sometimes skin needs to give and have a rest from cosmetics.

Every evening before going to bed it is necessary to remove make-up carefully. Water procedures do not take a lot of time. And you do not work too much and to skin it is good. If not to do it, then over time there can be problems with skin. Makeup removal very important element in skin care.

Powder – the best girlfriend of tone kremapudr well levels face skin, as well as tonalka. But if to compare it about tone cream, then powder does it much more softly and more carefully. It is the last and touch-up in make-up. This cosmetic gives to velvet skin. It is possible to find many types of powders in cosmetology for every taste and color. They differ not only in color, but also structure. The most popular type of powder is friable. It perfectly supplements foundation. Friable means that it powder look. And to take it that somewhere "it will be extremely inconvenient to powder nose". And therefore it is suitable for house application in the course of daily make-up. But it is very resistant and economic. Such powder will be enough for long time. Compact powder is created always to be near at hand at the woman. It has to be in make-up bag of any lady. Powder it is easy to cope with the shown gloss on forehead. This excellent motivating means. For owners of sensitive skin and allergic persons there is antiseptic powder. Is its part the special calming and healing components which will quickly and effectively bring face skin round. Therefore for problem skin there is special powder too. Powder in balls – decorative accessory. In structure reflective components descend, they soften face contours and rejuvenate skin. It is worth applying such powder with thin layer, you should not be fond. Such powder perfectly is suitable for parties and other actions. You will look excellently. Women who have been given beautiful and equal skin can use transparent powder. It will protect skin from external pollution and will remove greasy luster from face. Such transparent powder effective both in the winter, and in the flying. Alternative decision: cream-pudranavernoye, many have thought and what it is better to choose for himself? Powder or liquid foundation? In female arsenal there have to be both means. If the resistant make-up is necessary, then at first it is necessary to apply foundation, and to finish make-up powder. Without such procedure in any way. Now we will approach alternative – cream powder. What is it? It is one of favourite means of each woman. Powder and liquid foundation rolled into one. In which all advantages of two means for skin are collected. Applying such means, you both motivate skin and remove greasy luster. It is necessary to select such means intelligently. For owners of the combined and oily skin has to be part of cream powder silicone oils. Such means will not cause allergy and other reddenings of skin. It well levels skin and tone of the person what she and should be thanked for. More mature skin demands more liquid foundation. It well nourishes and moistens skin. And for problem skin cream with antiseptic components is necessary. It is not difficult to be beautiful and attractive. It is necessary to watch the appearance and was able to use make-shifts. By means of good make-up it is possible to become the improbable beauty.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team