That mechanical face peel means

That mechanical face peel means

Mechanical face peel – the cosmetic procedure. It is applied, as a rule, to treatment of acne. This usual expression of pimples, but only with strict observance of hygienic and cosmetology precautions.

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It is considered that at the started acne cases mechanical cleaning — one of the best solutions. However, before deciding on this procedure, it is necessary to establish the reason of appearance of pimples and will get rid of it. For this purpose it is worth visiting the dermatologist and if necessary to receive medical treatment.

Mechanical face peel as follows becomes. At first skin is steamed out that all time has opened. Then by means of the hands wrapped by sterile napkins, or special spoon the cosmetologist squeezes out eels. The procedure is very rigid. Inflammations, hypostases, small damages and grazes – norm after carrying out mechanical face peel. They can not pass within several days. At once after cleaning do the calming masks. And then use cream and lotions with the cooling effect.

In principle, this procedure can be carried out also in house conditions. The main thing to provide sterility of the face, hands, tools and the place where you will carry out mechanical cleaning. Arm with bright desk lamp, magnifying mirror, medical alcohol or 3 percent peroxide of hydrogen. It is better to cut long nails. Pin up hair that they did not disturb. Wash face soft skin or gel. Then steam out time. In small saucepan make the collecting herbs suitable your type of skin. For example, camomile and horsetail – for oily and problem skin, yarrow, rosemary and wormwood – dry and sensitive. Then incline the head over hot pan, be covered with towel and wait 10 minutes. After that wash up hands antibacterial soap and wipe them with alcohol or peroxide. Lay table at which you will purge several layers of sterile gauze. Include lamp and, looking in mirror, accurately squeeze out fingertips black dots, eels and pimples, periodically processing hands alcohol or peroxide. After cleaning wipe face with alcohol-containing lotion and make the calming mask, for example, of white clay.


It is not desirable to carry out mechanical cleaning to people with the diseases connected with violation of integrity of blanket of skin such as psoriasis and eczema, allergic dermatitis, infections. And also that who has convex face birthmarks. The people having bronchial asthma, vegeto-vascular dystonia and violation of brain blood circulation steaming of skin need to replace with the special warming creams. Mechanical face peel is recommended to be done to once not thicket in month. And after the procedure within 3-4 days it is impossible to use decorative cosmetics, to sunbathe in the sun or in sunbed. If skin began to be shelled or on it there were crusts, you should not use srub as it will only aggravate situation. And if after cleaning the inflammatory reaction and hypostases do not take place within week, it is necessary to ask for the help the dermatologist. In general, if to observe all precautionary measures, mechanical face peel considerably will improve condition of skin and will save from such problems as acne rash, black dots and inflammations.

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