The action plan for those who should tighten the drooped belt

The action plan for those who should tighten the drooped belt

In fight for slim figure the weight reduction or cardinal reduction of volumes of body is not always required. Sometimes it is enough to tighten slightly drooped belt that the figure became beautiful and proportional. Of course, at first it is quite good to visit the doctor and to find out – whether there are no contraindications as the sticking-out stomach can be not esthetic, but medical problem. If everything is normal, then it is possible to make the plan and to begin to work. And it is necessary to work in a complex: from within – to clean intestines, outside – to tighten muscles of abdominal press and to bring the drooped skin into tone.

1. Water

Morning begins with water, it is obligatory for start of metabolism and clarification of organism. On an empty stomach it is necessary to drink glass of water – clean or with different additives: with lemon juice, honey, it is possible to make herbal teas, for example, camomile or mint. Throughout the day it is also necessary to drink water to whom as it is comfortable: on the whole glass, on half or even just up to throat, but it is necessary to do it regularly.

2. Level

Exercise level is carried out always and everywhere where there is opportunity. One minute suffices to give loading to all muscles, including abdominal press. The more approaches in day – the result is better. It is possible to add to level also other exercises for strengthening of muscles of stomach.

3. Vacuum

Retraction of stomach – so-called exercise vacuum: to make deep breath, and on exhalation to try to pull in as much as possible stomach in itself that the internal wall of stomach was kind of pasted to back. And in general: it is necessary to develop at itself habit to constantly pull in stomach – itself can even think up special word team, to say it during the day for self-reminder.

Water, level and vacuum – these three things need to be done during the day several times and whenever possible regularly. It is possible to put the alarm clock reminder at each o'clock, it is possible to give itself mental commands if self-discipline as it should be.

4. The dragging-away belt 

The special elastic dragging-away belt very well helps to tighten the drooped belt and besides to correct problems with cellulitis. In the absence of medical contraindications this belt should be put on and worn at any opportunity. It is possible to use also shapewear.

5. Hoop

Gymnastic hoop – the irreplaceable assistant in fight against tummy. It is clear, that it is possible to twist hoop only at home or in the gym, but even five minutes of such exercises a day can bring notable results.

6. Cosmetics

Srubs, gels, lotions and creams against cellulitis and for reduction of volumes of body – himself needs to pick up suitable cosmetic and to apply it on problem zones daily after shower.

7. Massage

Self-massage of problem zones of body – very effective procedure for strengthening of blood circulation and activization of process of reduction of fat deposits and lifting of skin. There is great variety the technician of performance of such massage, but simple puddling before easy reddening of skin it can already appear enough for achievement of the goal. And if at the same time to use special massage oil, then the result will be even more noticeable.

8. Plan

It is desirable to make the short plan reminder of the councils given above. Further it is possible to print out it and to hold near at hand or to hang up on foreground – on the fridge or in the bathroom, and it is possible to download in phone or the tablet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team