The anti-cellulite program by beach season

The anti-cellulite program by beach season

Many centuries ago people did not suffer from cellulitis. Artists and poets of that time in the works described beauty of curvy shapes, and ladies did not need in any diets and special creams. They had no complexes because of figure. However presently many women hesitate to appear on the beach if they suffer from cellulitis. How to get rid of this misfortune prior to the beginning of beach season?

10 main stages of fight against cellulitis:

1. Change diet. As soon as possible to get rid of unnecessary hillocks on body, it is necessary to go on diet. Most quicker monodiets work. Week is spent for them, as a rule. You can choose diets on the taste – kefiric, buckwheat, fish or meat. That the same product has not bothered, they can be alternated. The main thing consume a lot of water – it will help to bring excess liquid out of problem zones.

2. Also for the best result it is necessary to attend sessions of special massage. It will be good if you repeat this procedure 3-4 times. Feelings from massage excellent and also this good means of disposal of excess weight. Besides lymphatic drainage massage, there is vacuum. In drugstores, special banks, for massage and in house conditions are on sale. 

3. After rapid weight loss remain on extension body. That they have not appeared, it is necessary to get special peeling for problem zones. It contains acid of fruit therefore well clarifies the place of hems from extensions and accelerates process of cell renewal. It is necessary to mass problem zone peeling 2 times a week. 

4. Use as much as possible fruit, mainly citrus. They are the best assistants in fight against cellulitis. Juice from shop for this purpose will not approach as are prepared from concentrates. Fresh juice contains substances which help to burn fat, but it is necessary to use them after meal. 

5. Physical exercises will be very effective. Especially squats, they best of all help with fight against cellulitis.

6. It is very useful to take the weakening baths with essential oils. Ready mix of oils can be bought in drugstore and also to prepare. For this purpose it is necessary to take 2 tablespoons of oil of almonds, to heat on water bath and to add 10 drops of eucalyptus oil and also 20 drops of cinnamon oil. Baths need to be taken within 15-20 minutes.

7. Your skin was already influenced by peeling. Now srub time with large parts has come. It is also possible to add granule of coarse sea salt to the habitual shower gel.

8. Before going to bed it is necessary to do massage which breaks fat deposits. For this purpose massage oil which needs to be pounded intensively on problem zones is required. After grinding it is necessary to apply tingling by fingers of hands. You should not feel sorry for yourself if you want to achieve effect. But be ready to appearance of bruises.

9. We do wrapping of coffee thick. It is necessary to add 1/2 glasses of orange juice and 10 drops of oil of eucalyptus to coffee thick. To apply weight on hips and to wind them with usual food wrap. To sustain half of hour, to wash away warm water and to apply anti-cellulite cream.

10. Make the morning shower contrast. Begin to water hips and buttocks at first warm water, only gradually doing it cold. Do not forget in from time to pound skin rigid bast.

When you see result, be not satisfied with what has already been achieved. Regular procedures will help to support constantly your hips and buttocks in beautiful view.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team