The basic rules in fight against cellulitis

The basic rules in fight against cellulitis

Summer solar days come. And if the new bathing suit is already waiting in the wings, and in beach handbag sunglasses and various cosmetics for ideal suntan are laid up long ago, then the cellulitis which has not disappeared anywhere spoils great mood from anticipation of summer fun. From solution you are separated by ten simple steps. However they demand patient and conscientious implementation of all provided procedures.

1.  The inactive way of life was always and remains the main ally of cellulitis. Enroll in physically active and healthy people. Morning and evening jogs, occupations in gym will come to the rescue.

2. Cosmetic medicines and procedures have to be picked up so that smoothing of relief of skin and fight against fat deposits were provided from within.

3. Elimination of problems in tsellyulitny zones is promoted by the moistening procedures for skin. Apply cream and lotions on the basis of glycerin or other moisturizing components in combination with anti-cellulite means even after disposal of "orange-peel".

4. Anticellulite massage and lymphatic drainage procedures helps to achieve good results. However it is necessary to remember that success from application is made by passing character therefore the huge role in this question is played by systematicity.

5. Use of the laser at treatment of cellulitis is in most cases inefficient, has temporary effect and high cost.

6.  Dry purification of leather gives amazing effect. At the same time exchange processes in hypodermics return to normal, blood supply and lymph flow are stimulated. Perform the procedure special brush before acceptance of shower.

7.  Apply body scrubs to peeling procedures. In house conditions  the coffee thick or sea salt can become similar means.

8. Regularly carry out gymnastic exercises on extension.

9. In tsellyulitny areas the fitting clothes have negative impact on blood-groove. Therefore in time off give preference to more free things.

10. For disposal of "orange-peel" consume more water with addition of juice of lemon or grapefruit. Time moistening helps outside, so will help also with hypodermics.

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