The beautiful girl - as she looks

The beautiful girl - as she looks

Men are not tired to repeat that the main thing in the woman – its moral qualities, however, very few people from them will resist temptation to watch leave the pretty woman. How does the beautiful girl have to look to meet modern expectations of men's ideal and, at the same time, to keep own unique style?

Ideas of beauty change promptly, and all new beauties become subject of men's dreams constantly. Not each woman is similar to Angelina Jolie or Jenifer Lopez, however many girlfriends of the man are considered not only attractive, but also really irresistible. In what does the secret of female charm consist?

Regular features

Each man has the dissenting opinion about female appeal and stores deeply in heart image of the ideal lady expensive to it. And, not each of them can brag of faultless shape of nose or ideally molded chin.

In principle, to be considered as attractive, it is quite enough to most of women to possess the person without pronounced physical defects. Besides, competently imposed make-up perfectly will hide small shortcomings of appearance, and skillfully picked up decorative cosmetics will emphasize highlights of your image even more brightly.


Men in this point are almost unanimous: it has to be! Very few people like the shapeless and grown stout persons. Some are attracted by juicy completeness, another the elegant symmetry and smartness are more to taste, the third it is crazy about thin and air persons. But any woman has to possess excellent bearing and proportional forms. If you not absolutely accept own reflection in mirror - it is excellent occasion to think of acquisition of the subscription to the gym.


Possession of this quality is indispensable attribute of female beauty. It is necessary to look after himself everywhere and always!, - such is the motto of the beautiful woman. The pure shining leather, hairstyle, ideal make-up, faultless manicure and pedicure, accurate and suitable to face type, – here components of modern fashionable image.

Excellent mood and self-confidence

It is more pleasant to any man to be in society of the optimist able to appreciate life in all its manifestations, to find the ridiculous and amusing moments even in difficult and ambiguous life situations, going on life with smile. By the way, to be considered as really beautiful girl, it is absolutely optional to conform to all fashionable standards. Not less beauty of the man appreciate identity and faultless style. You should not try to become next Barbie or to adjust painfully yourself to the 90-60-90 parameters which have bothered to all. You remember, there is a lot of beautiful girls, but only one of them becomes for someone favourite and only.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team