The best ways of hair extension

The best ways of hair extension

In series of change of images the desire to release long hair not so was vital issue for owners of short hairstyles long ago. Today it is possible to change in few hours, having deceived the nature and having used building service. But before increasing hair, will be not superfluous to learn in what ways it can be done.


  1. If there is a wish to receive effective curls on the following several months, without worrying that locks will be combed out or the capsule on which they will be fixed, will begin to be evident, study technology of hot building. It is good the fact that it allows to get hair of any length, almost not distinguishable by the form from natural, but as shortcoming it should be noted that circumstance that hot building significantly spoils natural hair therefore often increased it is necessary to cut off, even more shortening own length. At hot building it is necessary to remember that the hairstyle does not suffer repeated use of balms and masks for hair and also visit of sauna. The less temperature and other impact on capsules, the longer they keep integrity and appearance of all hair.
  2. If the material aspect of question is not basic, try the best ways of hair extension by cold method. It is not traumatic at all, assumes use of glue structures, is simple in use and is fast. Shortcoming is only rather high cost as locks are for this purpose used natural and also need of more careful attitude to the hairstyle. At inaccurate comb-out it is possible to lose part of the increased locks, and at natural fine hair to fastenings it will be simple there is nothing to keep. Also at similar way the hair can fasten on metal clip-on earrings, but this method is pleasant not to all because of feeling of heterogeneity of fastenings.
  3. If just there is a wish to increase length and further not to experiment with hairstyles, pay attention to Afro-building. This method represents weaving of braids to which the tress hair from natural materials prolonging length of own hair is added. Lack of method only that he demands maintenance of certain style as it is difficult to combine such braids with business image.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team