The Brazilian manicure - new word in the nail industry

The Brazilian manicure - new word in the nail industry

Traditional manicure means use of quite large number of means and materials. It is bath, salt, srub, hand cream, medicines for cuticle, files, scissors, towels, etc. Besides, all procedure occupies considerable amount of time. Therefore the Brazilian manicure, thanks to the simplicity and efficiency, gains the increasing popularity.

Brazilian manicure

The Brazilian manicure gives the chance to make hands and nails beautiful, having got rid of the mass of cosmetic accessories. Gloves, nail file, stick for cuticle are included in the disposable package. They are on sale in any specialized shop. Sets are supplied with the detailed instruction that allows to use them with ease in house conditions. In essence the Brazilian manicure is Spa procedure, providing intensive care for skin of hands or legs. Experts recommend to see off it approximately once a week.

Merits and demerits

The only lack of this manicure is that it treats the sparing procedures and at the started, rough and expanded cuticle it will be insufficiently. Additional cutting of cuticle, podpilivaniye of side rollers and polish of nails will be required. But the Brazilian manicure can form good base for carrying out trimming of cuticle since after it it becomes soft and elastic.

Its safety belongs to the main advantages of this procedure. Thanks to the fact that cutting is not required, minimized the probability of inflammation, infection and reddening of cuticle. Not cut manicure, in turn, often causes skin inflammation and also peeling and sloyeniye of nails, and at the Brazilian manicure only natural, neutral components are used. Moreover, one-time enrollment guarantees high gigiyenichnost and saves time for disinfection of tools after the procedure. It is easy to use it and just in comfortable house conditions. The cream filling special gloves and socks has neutral smell that is especially valuable to the people having allergy. It is intensive mask rather. On the influence it can be compared to paraffinotherapy - skin becomes elastic and soft, and small wrinkles are smoothed.


The structure filling gloves for the Brazilian manicure includes allantoin which softens, peels and cell regeneration is promoted, and by the urea possessing the softening and moistening action, it deletes dead cells, promoting deeper penetration into skin of active components. Extract of witch-hazel and tea tree oil are famous for the bactericidal properties, besides, they soften skin and do by stronger walls of vessels. Calcium and keratin strengthen and restore nail plate, and R236 polymer which is specially developed in the Brazilian laboratory does nails equal, opaque, clarifies them and protects from harmful effects of varnish. Besides, cream contains bisabol and other excipients providing the maximum influence of all components.

Application of the Brazilian manicure

It is suitable both for natural, and for the increased nails. Before holding procedure the nails are processed by antiseptic agent, and the cuticle is slightly removed that promotes the best penetration of cream. Nails can previously give the desirable form by means of nail file. Then gloves, they quite wide therefore it is necessary to press them to skin, especially in nails are put on. Hold gloves within 5-7 minutes then start processing of nails. It is possible to do it without taking off gloves, then their tips are accurately cut off and while you are engaged in cuticle, your hands receive additional food. Then gloves are taken off and do light massage of hands, without washing away structure.

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