The causes of pimples on chin

The causes of pimples on chin

Pimples on chin look not too esthetically therefore it is necessary to get rid of them whenever possible. It is the simplest to make it in case it is correct to establish the reason of emergence of such cosmetic defect. And it can various – from improper feeding before hormonal failure.

Appearance of pimples on the face in teenagers is usually connected with hormonal reorganization of organism. In this case to the cosmetologist or the dermatologist to go there is no need if rashes do not cause the naggers or other unpleasant additional symptoms. However to help organism, it is necessary to correct the food, having refused synthetic sweets, especially chocolate, fast food, greasy or fried food.

Small multiple heat-spots can be allergic reactions of organism to any food or cosmetics. In this case it is important to define allergen, having used the help of the allergist if necessary.

At adults the pimples on chin can also appear from behind improper feeding. Excessive hobby for chocolate, citrus or greasy food can lead both to allergic reaction, and to disorder of work of GIT. In this case correction of food or short diet will help to get rid of cosmetic defect.

Failure in work of endocrine system can also provoke appearance of pimples on chin. If they do not pass for a long time or their quantity constantly grows, it is better to address the dermatologist or the endocrinologist, to make necessary tests to check the level of hormones in organism and work of thyroid gland and to begin necessary treatment.

Pimples on chin can develop shortly before emergence of periods, and then independently pass. It is also connected with reorganization of hormonal background of the woman, but does not demand treatment.

By the way, intake of some medicines, especially hormonal, can also lead to appearance of pimples in the field. It is in that case important to report about it to the doctor who has prescribed medicine together to make the decision on continuation of treatment or refusal from causing side effect means. Obstruction of sebaceous glands in chin is one more cause of pimples. In this case there is no natural clarification, and in follicle of indumentum pathogenic microorganisms begin to develop. In this case also the refusal of fat and artificial products and drinks, consumption of large amount of plain water and green tea which will serve as antioxidants will help.

Also can be the possible reasons of appearance of pimples on chin: decrease in immunity, cold, heredity. There is theory that also gynecologic problems can cause them, however it has not been proved.

Anyway at appearance of pimples the healthy nutrition, consumption not less than 2 liters of liquid a day and clarification of skin is important. The last needs to be carried out twice a day – in the morning and before going to bed, using for this purpose means skin, suitable to type: skin, tonic, etc. Cosmetics for the night should be washed away. In the field of pimples it is not recommended to put srub as it can lead to formation of wounds that will only aggravate situation. It is also important not to squeeze out independently pimples, otherwise it is possible to bring infection and to leave ugly scars on face. For this purpose it is worth addressing the qualified cosmetologist.

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