The choice of means for shaving: foam or gel?

The choice of means for shaving: foam or gel?

shave off bristle, using exclusively the machine, not really comfortably. Means for shaving allow not only to get rid quicker of the grown hairs, they possess the calming, moistening action on skin. It is possible to use for leaving foam or gel – in what difference of these products?

When choosing gel, foam or balm for shaving it is necessary to consider type of skin of the person. For sensitive, inclined to inflammations and appearance of eels of skin gel optimum will approach. Its transparent texture will allow to see all shortcomings therefore it will be more difficult to touch with the razor pimple. Foam helps to accelerate shaving process, the machine will easier slide on skin.

After applying the gel or foam you will need to wait a couple of minutes to soak in and slightly softened stubble.

Pluses and minuses of gel and shaving foam

The main difference between skin for shaving and gel will be, of course, the structure of means. Foam is similar to air mass to squeeze out it from bottle, it is enough to shake of it and to press the doser. Shaving gel needs to be applied only to moist skin because of its viscous substance. Means, similar to jelly, needs to be distributed evenly. Whereas skin it is not necessary to shake up and try to obtain in addition accurate drawing therefore it is convenient to have a shave with it, even when you very much hurry.

The skin is not so economic as gel, the last product is more concentrated. Therefore bottles with gel will become the optimum choice for those who are forced to have a shave often. It is possible to use gel for oily skin care because in its structure there are not enough oils. As well as foam, color or transparent gel when drawing slightly foams. Foam is suitable a little for dry skin because it quickly evaporates from surface, respectively, risk to injure skin above. Both gel, and skin leave behind pleasant aroma.

How to choose means for shaving

Gels and shaving foams of various brands perform important function – degreasing of surface of hair before removal. Therefore if you have got used to one means and it suits you in every respect, you should not give in to marketing mixes of the cosmetic companies and to change gel for foam or on the contrary. It is important only that the skin care product provided comfort during removal of bristle.

For disinfection of the skin during shaving, you can choose foam or gel with antibacterial characteristics.

By means of means for shaving it is possible to cope with irritation of skin or to liquidate small cuts. In this case it is necessary to pick up gel or foam with compounds of silicone. Such products heal wounds quicker and also the structure will allow the machine to slide without problems on skin.

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