The choice of the hair dryer for hair

The choice of the hair dryer for hair

Constant drying and hair dressing phenom is daily occupation for any modern woman. But from influence of hot air the hair lose moisture and natural gloss. Therefore it is especially important to choose the high-quality hair dryer with different nozzles and several operating modes.

Before making choice for any given model of the hair dryer for hair, it is necessary to decide on their main versions. Are presented at the modern market: hair dryers diffusers, hair dryers concentrators and so-called stayler. As for concentrators, they have universal slit-like nozzle in the form of cylinder and intend not only for drying, but also for laying. When using such hair dryer it is possible to direct air flow to specific area of hair.

Diffusers are equipped with very convenient nozzle with soft "fingers" for air dispersion. Similar hair dryers are intended for careful drying. Besides, "fingers" mass skin and help to create additional volume at roots.

Fen-stayler is the true multipurpose assistant with various nozzles for the most convenient laying. Also all similar devices are subdivided into household and professional. When choosing the hair dryer it is necessary to be guided by such important indicator as power. Flow rate of air which influences hair directly depends on this parameter. If you have short or fine and brittle hair, it is not necessary to select powerful model. The hair dryer with power no more than 1200 W will become optimal variant. And here owners of long and thick hair can recommend more powerful device with value of this parameter to 1600 W. Such hair dryer will allow to dry up hair quickly enough. Especially it is relevant when it is necessary to hurry for work in the morning.

You do not bring the hair dryer too close to hair in the course of drying at all. The ideal distance should not exceed 40-50 cm.

By the way, it is possible to adjust power and by means of the choice of operating modes of the hair dryer. When choosing pay attention to that in the hair dryer the level of temperature and feed rate of air was regulated. Not in all models it is possible to choose operating mode. Usually inexpensive hair dryers have the general regulator of the above-mentioned parameters. It is not really convenient because at change of one parameter also another will change. It is desirable that there were several temperature levels. You have to know also that in back part of any hair dryer there is special filter. It protects internal elements from penetration of dust and needs periodic cleaning. It is the best of all to choose models with removable filters that they could be exempted from pollution easily.

Additional function of ionization of air is provided in expensive hair dryers. The ionizer allows to protect hair from peresushivaniye as there is neutralization of static electricity.

Surely learn from the selling assistant whether cold air can give the device. It is very important as blowing of hair cool air after laying will help to keep its appearance for a long time. Do not forget to decide on distance from the socket to mirror. Length of cord of the hair dryer has to correspond to this distance. As for manufacturing firm, hair dryers of such brands as Bosch, Braun, Philips and Rowenta are preferable.

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