The correct use of cosmetics during sea tour

The correct use of cosmetics during sea tour

With approach of flying many direct at the sea that will enjoy noise of surf, shout of seagulls, to swim for a while, sunbathe, to restore health. The sun, wind, sea water – powerful natural factors. Solar, air, sea bathtubs belong to natural cosmetic procedures. Use them competently and reasonably. They will revitalize organism, will fill it with cheerfulness and energy for the whole year, will make younger and more beautiful. Reckless use of solar and sea procedures will do harm not only to appearance, but also health.

Skin care

Damp sea air nourishes skin with moisture, the freshness gives to the face. The bright sun, dry salty wind dry and expose to the wind it. Competent skin care will protect it from negative impact and will enhance positive effect from stay at the sea.

Before exit to the street or the beach do not wash face with soap, do not wipe with lotions – it degreases face skin, does it defenseless from thermal and ultraviolet rays. Put on face, neck, open parts of the body the thinnest layer any natural vegetable oil or fat nutritious cream. The thick layer does not allow skin to breathe.

Special cosmetics for suntan, disseminate ultraviolet rays, do suntan equal, prevent skin overheating, protect it from drying and crusting. Combine drawing protective equipment and creams for suntan with massage of body, actively rubbing them in legs and hands from fingers upward.

In the sun, skin loses moisture therefore for the night apply on it cream with the moistening effect. Fruit, berry, vegetable masks will well moisturize and will saturate with vitamins face skin and necks. Masks from fermented milk products have anti-inflammatory properties, they will remove reddening and pain. The mask from honey, yolk, oil will be suitable for mature skin (on teaspoon). If after washing off of mask water appear feeling of strapped skin, apply nutritious cream.

If has exposed to the wind lips, apply hygienic lipstick.

At burns of skin camomile infusion, curdled milk, kefir, sea-buckthorn oil help. The checked cosmetic - the skin after suntan containing panthenol, extracts of celandine and camomile.

After the sea it is necessary to take shower (to wash away salt), to apply nutritious cream.

Hair care

Let's have a rest to hair from hot laying phenom, use of varnish.

If hair short, make beautiful hairstyle if long, then do not tighten them in hard bunch. Air and light well influence hair, whenever possible dismiss them on shoulders. At the scorching sun put on hat.

Fair hair from bright sun becomes dry and dim. Rinse the washed-up hair camomile infusion.

At the painted and dry hair rub any oil in head skin: olive, castoric, burdock or nutritious cream. It will return to hair life and gloss. At brittle, dim, lifeless hair before washing put nutritious mask for hair or wrap hair the gauze soaked with vegetable oil wrap up for couple of hours. After washing of the head rinse hair with broth of camomile, nettle, burdock root.

Decorative cosmetics

During rest by the sea forget for a while about decorative cosmetics, let's have a rest to the person. Application on heat of foundation, powder does not allow skin to breathe and absorb moisture. Forget for a while in make-up bag mascara, shadows and eyeliner. The sun, sea water, fresh air activate exchange processes, digestion of vitamins C, And, D, E. Eyelashes, eyebrows, hair will gain silk gloss, splendor, density.

Do not apply nail varnish, especially if they fragile and exfoliating. The iodine and salt which are contained in sea water will make your nails equal, strong.

It is possible to leave the moisturizing lipstick. Bright paints of the surrounding nature will allow to choose lipstick couple tones brighter than usual for application.


It is not recommended to sunbathe in the open sun to people with diseases of heart, liver, kidneys, nervous system and tumors of various origin. Doctors advise to acquire tan with care and is short. With the sun do not joke!

Organize the holiday so that the sun and the sea became the integral satellites of health, elixir of youth and beauty!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team