The elasticity of breast will return green coffee

The elasticity of breast will return green coffee

After pregnancy and childbirth many women have problem with breast. It gets out of former shape, elasticity, becomes flabby and ugly. It is possible to return it former form by means of special wrappings, healthy nutrition and certain physical exercises. As for wrappings, one of the most effective ways is wrapping with application of green coffee.

The advantage of wrapping with green coffee is that skin, being saturated with caffeine, is toned up, improves its state, the metabolism becomes active, the lipolysis accelerates, the tone raises. Also such wrapping promotes reduction of body weight and if necessary it is possible to carry out wrapping of all problem parts of the body.

It is very important that coffee beans were not fried since only green grains contain the main force of this plant. Besides, the hank of food wrap which will serve as the thermoinsulator is required. The warming effect will create warm plaid or blanket with heating.

The way of preparation of mix is quite simple: one portion of mix will require 50-100 grams of grains. They need to be ground in the coffee grinder. Further mix needs to be applied on area of breast, to cover from above with food wrap, to take cover warm plaid or blanket and to lie within 30 minutes.

It should be noted that for wrapping with green coffee nevertheless there are contraindications. As well as any tonic procedure, wrapping it is contraindicated to the people having vascular diseases and having problems with veins. Also wrappings are forbidden to be carried out to pregnant women and women within 7 days after the delivery. It is quite possible to conduct wrapping independently in house conditions, and the effect will be same, as after visit of salon. The main thing is to carry out the procedure regularly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team