The extended caret: it is stylish and practical

The extended caret: it is stylish and practical

The extended caret does not get out of fashion already long ago. This hairstyle looks very beautifully and accurately, besides it is very simple in leaving. It is considered that the extended caret is suitable almost for any type of hair and shape of face.

The extended caret: hairstyle and laying

Length of hair at the extended caret has to be a little higher than shoulders. Hair can be cut exactly or to make longer the locks located behind or in front. Such hairstyle can be carried out with bang or without it. In either case the hairstyle will look harmoniously and stylish even after simple laying by means of hairbrush and the hair dryer. The extended caret will help to correct face. This hairstyle will disguise chubby cheeks and wide cheekbones, will soften heavy chin. The caret with bang will visually reduce long nose and will hide narrow forehead. Such hairstyle will favourably emphasize the line of neck.

The extended caret keeps within by means of hairbrush and the hair dryer. It is necessary to comb a little moist hair and to divide them into hair parting. Begin laying with nape, moving ahead gradually to temples and the top. To give to hair volume, it is possible to comb a little them at roots. Tighten up inside tips of hair round hairbrush on each side. It is possible to use large hair curlers, having wound on them the dried hair. Then it is necessary to finally dry hairstyle phenom and to record varnish.

If the caret is executed with bang, begin laying with it, and then you pass to nape.

Options of the extended caret

This hairstyle can be executed in two options: the asymmetric extended caret and the graduated caret having the extended locks. The asymmetric caret has long locks at the person, they become shorter to nape, opening neck.

The asymmetric extended caret can be added with highlighting or kolorirovaniye. Such hairstyle will look very stylish.

The extended graduated caret is carried out by "short flight of stairs" therefore strict lines of hairstyle are a little washed away. Such image turns out more womanly and soft. The hairstyle turns out more volume, hair look thick and magnificent. The hairstyle with the extended front locks is also called "bean". The nape is cut shortly, and front locks do bigger length. Such hairstyle can be with bang or without it, it can be made with direct, slanting or zigzag hair parting. In any option this hairstyle will stylish look. Laying of the extended graduated caret will not take a lot of time too. It requires the hair dryer, round hairbrush for hair and several clips. Wet hair, comb them. Make hair parting. Divide hair into several zones: back zone and two side. Separate clip upper layer of hair that it did not disturb. Dry up hairstyle on nape. Then start other hair. Accurately remove clips from upper locks, distribute them on already dried up and dry their phenom. The same needs to be done with side locks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team