The feng shui manicure will attract good luck and happiness

The feng shui manicure will attract good luck and happiness

Manicure on feng shui is based on east philosophy. Each finger is symbol of certain energy. The pattern on the necessary nail or allocation in its other color, can change the fate of the woman and attract good luck.


1. At first define what energy you want to activate. According to east philosophy the thumb is symbol of success in career, index - harmonies with itself and the world around, average - self-confidence and the forces, anonymous - love symbol, little finger - family wellbeing.

2. Special attention in manicure on feng shui is paid to average and anonymous fingers. Marigold it is necessary to highlight with certain color or to decorate with decorative elements. Date of birth, to be exact - year of birth will help to pick up varnish shade to you. Pay attention to the last figure and choose the color.

3. If the last figure of year is in range from 0 to 5, then your colors - white, gold, steel or brown. It is also possible to use yellowish shades, but they have to be not too bright.

4. If the last figure 2 or 3, then it is necessary to give preference to varnish of blue, lilac or violet shade. Black color will also become magnet for good luck.

5. To figures 4 and 5 there corresponds green color and all paints of the nature. Nails it is possible to highlight with color of the sky, trees, the sun. Any natural shades will become happiness symbol.

6. If the last figure 6 or 7, then your elements - red color. It is possible to choose any shades of this color, the main thing that they were bright and saturated.

7. Elements of figures 8 and 9 - chocolate. All shades of brown color will become the real mascots for attraction of good luck.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team