The first tattoo — to beat or not to beat?

The first tattoo — to beat or not to beat?

Tattoos have ceased to bear in themselves only sacral sense long ago. Today to decorate itself with the bright picture in honor of some event or for appearance anyone can. But in question of the choice, drawing and care for tattoo the competent approach is necessary.

Sense and depth

Someone wants to imprint on the body significant event, name and image of the loved one or favourite animal. Others with pleasure carry on themselves characters of books, movies, comics. Someone prefers abstract, ornamental or geometrical tattoos for their esthetic component. This matter of taste.

The only thing, professionals would advise — to refuse popular stamps in the form of hieroglyph, infinity sign, dandelion or kitty on wrist. And to make to itself something really individual, what will belong only to you, it for the rest of life. The foreign viewer will see just pleasant drawing, and for you it will be piece of certain emotionally charged memoirs.

Time — does not treat

Temporary tattoos do not happen, it is the myth. Popular drawings henna or mehendi have no relation to the real tattoos. Certainly, now there are laser devices capable to lighten and even partially to remove old headdress, but this process long and very painful. As a rule, tattoos clarify only in order that on the same place to imprint the new sketch.

Without anesthesia

Tattoo — it is sick. Process of its drawing demands considerable endurance, it is necessary to suffer from pain often not hour and not two. Unpleasant feelings can be reduced by means of local anesthetics of creams, however tattooers not really like to apply them: often skin dubet from such influence, paint begins to be driven in worse, process of drawing tattoo and even the subsequent healing increases on time. To be adjusted on positive harmony, before session it is worth sleeping well, properly to eat, take several medicines of anesthetic. Pain and fear are product of subconsciousness. If tattoo the first and you do not know the level of your pain threshold yet, it is better to choose the most painless places — shoulder, outer side of forearm, shovel, hip. And here zones where bones are located close to skin (for example, thorax, back in backbone), are considered as the most painful.


It is impossible to do tattoos during pregnancy if you have diseases of skin, violation of coagulability and other diseases of blood. If you the carrier of virus of hepatitis and syndrome of immunodeficiency, surely report about it to the master.

As a rule, masters do not do tattoo to persons under 18. Before session it is not necessary to drink alcoholic beverages. Within 2-3 days after the session it is also not recommended to take alcohol and to do active sports. Until the tattoo has begun to live finally, categorically it is impossible to go to bath, sauna, sunbed, to swim in the pool and open reservoirs.

Correct leaving

It is necessary to remember that beauty your tattoo depends not only on efforts of the master, but also because, how responsibly you will approach issue of its healing. Even the most qualitative tattoo can be spoiled the wrong leaving or lack of that. Standard way of leaving for freshen tattoo — to wash the angry skin with warm water with laundry soap, to apply special cream, to close the damaged place bandage from the absorbing diaper within 4 days, then to continue to smear with the moisturizing cream.

So it will begin to live much quicker, and the world can show it already!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team