The forbidden ingredients for house masks

The forbidden ingredients for house masks

Many girls are fond of preparation of house masks for maintenance of beauty, health and beautiful view of the skin, natural products and components often are part of masks useful, and, above all. But it is worth knowing and remembering – not all products can be used as ingredients for mask.

Top of improper ingredients for masks:

1.) Baking soda

In many articles and video blogs it is possible to hear and read about wonder-working effect of soda, about its magic power of purification of leather. But be not greedy for tempting promises, soda is alkali. At hit on skin it promotes destruction of protective layer of skin, thereby subjecting it to influence of microbes and bacteria. Soda also dehydrates skin that in consequence can lead to irritation or allergic reactions.

2.) Lemon

You should not use the concentrated lemon juice, it is the purest acid which negatively affects condition of skin, overdries it and can be the cause of hyperpegmentation.

3.) Toothpaste

Many heard that if to apply on the struck and angry place there is a little toothpaste, then she will remove reddening and will dry the damaged zone. But you should not forget that toothpaste can destroy lipidic barrier both in the place of drawing, and in the next zones, and some types of pastes are capable to do irreparable harm to skin in the form of burns. Therefore it will be more rational to replace toothpaste with tea tree oil for dehumidification of the angry skin.

4.) Vazelin

It is possible to use it once a year, but it is better not to apply to skin at all. He crowds under skin and in the future can be the cause of the increased secretion of sebaceous glands.

5.) Hydrogen peroxide

Peroxide is irreplaceable in case of processing of wounds and grazes as it kills microbes and cleans wound. But do not use it as element in mask at all, peroxide promotes oxidative stress – that is fraught with fast aging of skin.

6.) Sugar

Sugar is ideal at preparation of body scrub, but do not use it at all as ingredient for face skin mask, is better to stop the look on icing sugar.

7.) Alcohol

Undoubtedly, kills and destroys protective barrier of skin and also promotes dissolution of skin cells. At the same time has negative effect on process of regeneration and peeling that leads to blockage of time, plentiful release of fat and appearance of comedones.

For maintaining health and beautiful view of the skin, it is important to remember all these forbidden ingredients and do not experiment on the health at all.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team