The hair dryer with air ionization function

The hair dryer with air ionization function

Rate of modern life does not allow to spend too much time for making toilet. Therefore often at the woman is in stock of only 15-20 minutes on washing of hair. It is simply impossible to be in time without the hair dryer.

Ionization function.

Ionization represents physical process of formation of ions, t.e. charged particles from atoms or molecules. So, the hair dryer supplied with ionization function splits the water molecules which are contained in hair on particles with negative charge. It helps them to get easily into cuticle of hair and at the same time not to render obvious negative impact on it.

Ions weaken effect of hot dry air on porous structure of hair a little. As a result of such drying hair not to look too dry and dim. Besides they are not so strongly subject to oblamyvaniye as the hair which are dried up by ordinary air.

The hair which are dried up by the hair dryer with the ionizer are insured from dehydration. Since the smallest parts of water, getting into hair, moisten it. Drying by such hair dryer happens for smaller period.

Influence of the hair dryer on hair.

Fact of common knowledge is that natural process of drying of hair considerable is more useful, than any other. Therefore if you in stock have excess time, do not resort to the help of hair dryers.

The hair dryer makes the greatest negative impact on the overdried injured hair. It and hair which are exposed to coloring or chemical wave, and head of hear curly by nature. The more curly hair, the it to the land. And, therefore, it is less desirable for that to use the hair dryer in everyday life.

Pay attention that the overdried hair very much are fluffy, hard are exposed to laying and combing. Therefore in cases when artificial drying is necessary, use thermoprotective skins, sprays, hair mousses. They will give some protection to cuticle of hair and will help to keep moisture.

However there are also essential pluses when drying hair phenom. The main of them – process speed. One more good point is opportunity to make laying. So the hair which are dried up in the natural way. will not have such volume as created by means of the hair dryer and round brush. Drying by hot air with simultaneous pulling of hair, will allow to straighten curls for a while.

Estimate all main pluses and minuses when choosing way of drying of hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team