The ideas for ideal pedicure

The ideas for ideal pedicure

The pedicure has to be ideal, especially in the flying when we wear open shoes. In this season it is possible to experiment with color, texture and composition safely. Each new season brings together with itself new trends. However, if to speak about pedicure then little changes in recent years.  All is fashionable also naturalness and naturalness.

The special preference this year occupies the French pedicure and covering with gentle tones. Such pedicure not strikingly and very organically looks. Are popular pastel tone: light pink, peach, cream, Champagne. Especially organically they will look on nails at young girls. Varnishes of mint tones, saturated crimson, bright yellow are still relevant.

As for shape of nails, it is better to prefer standard oval, as a last resort — "soft square". The main rule — the pedicure has to be executed accurately, without uniform blot. In this case, whatever color you have applied on nails, it will show to advantage and it is very beautiful.

Ideas of pedicure

Home Alone. Nails on  thumb — the biggest by the size therefore it is possible to place emphasis on them. Draw on it beautiful pattern or ornament. Cover other nails with monophonic varnish.

To shine always, to shine everywhere. Get rhinestones, small by the extent, of the colors which were pleasant to you in shop. Put from them composition or place only one on leg thumb.

Juicy watermelon. Cover tip of nail in green color, the main part — red (do not forget to place over several points). Between them draw thin white line.

Sharpening, point, comma. It is possible to apply any colourless varnish on nails. And from above to place in the pleasant color several points.


Kind of beautifully you have issued the nails, but if the basic pedicure is made badly, the overall picture will be sad. Do not forget to look after cuticle, in time to get rid of hangnails, to process heels and to indulge the legs cream.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team