The inflamed pimples on the face: methods of treatment and elimination

The inflamed pimples on the face: methods of treatment and elimination

Pimples on the face — unpleasant cosmetic problem which people of any age face. But most often the youth during puberty when there is change of hormonal background suffers from pimples.

Effective treatment of pimples has to be complex, combining intake of various medicines with regular hygienic procedures and the balanced food. Therefore it is necessary to exclude fried and greasy food, semi-finished products, alcohol and carbonated drinks from the diet. As for drugs for intake, only the doctor can appoint them (the dermatologist or the cosmetologist, and in certain cases the endocrinologist).

Problem skin needs careful clarification, pimples develop because skin time is hammered with grease traffic jams. It is twice a day recommended to wash face warm water or grass infusions. Treat the herbs having anti-inflammatory effect: train, camomile, sage, calendula, inula, St. John's wort, burdock (root), aloe and field horsetail.

It is also possible to do compresses of grass broths. For preparation of compress the cooled-down broth needs to be filtered through small sieve and to impregnate with it cotton pad or towel. Then the compress is put on all face or on problem sites of skin for 10-15 minutes. Owners of dry skin should repeat this procedure not more often than two times a week.

To the people inclined to allergy, it is necessary to carry out the test for availability of allergic reaction to any given plant. For this purpose it is necessary to moisten with grass broth the small site of skin. And only in a day after that to do compress.

At treatment of the inflamed pimples various house masks and srubs well help. For the oily skin not inclined to dryness, it is possible to use soda. To prepare dense paste, it is necessary to mix tablespoon of soda and tablespoon of water. The received weight should be put on face and to hold no more than 10-15 minutes, then to wash away water, and to grease skin with the moisturizing cream. It is necessary to repeat the procedure not more often than three times a week. Honey is not only natural cold medicine and sweet delicacy, but also quite good means for elimination of skin inflammations. As a part of honey substances which are natural antibiotics contain. The mask from honey removes irritation, raises tone of skin and promotes elimination of acne rash. The mask from acid grades of apples and the carrots mixed in equal proportions cleans skin pores thanks to what for several days it is possible to get rid of the inflamed pimples. Fruit acids are the main component of modern chemical peelings, they allow to purify leather from surplus of fat and dead cells, without damaging deep layers of epidermis.

The mask from apple represents soft peeling which returns to the person healthy color, eliminates acne rash and grease traffic jams. And carrots contain beta carotene, it contributes to normalization of work of sebaceous glands.

Tea tree oil is popular in medicine and cosmetology, thanks to antibacterial and antiseptic properties. For treatment of the inflamed pimples it is necessary to oil affected areas of skin twice a day. Inflammation usually takes place after 8-10 procedures.

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