The instruction for use of chemerichny water for improvement of growth of hair

The instruction for use of chemerichny water for improvement of growth of hair

Not very long ago chemerichny water was applied not to acceleration of growth of hair at all, and it is perfect with other purpose. It was one of the most effective remedies of fight against louses. Treatment usually came to an end with success. At the same time people noted that tincture of grass of false hellebore and parasites from the head expels, and does hair healthier and more dense.

The plant false hellebore, in a different way it still is called the puppeteer, it is very poisonous. It contains 6 poisons, the most dangerous of which is protoveratrine. He is capable to cause paralysis of nervous system, digestive tract and bodies of cardiovascular system. However besides the poisonous properties, the plant has qualities, useful to the person.

The beneficial effect on hair is caused by the fact that the false hellebore renders irritant action on small blood vessels, they begin to extend, and hair bulbs receive additional portions of nutrients and oxygen, it positively affects structure of hair – they after the first application change, gaining healthy gloss, silkiness and poslushnost.

Chemerichny water saves from dandruff and the increased fat content, does hair healthy, brilliant

Chemerichny water represents nothing but spirit solution from roots and rhizomes of false hellebore. Medicine is freely released in drugstores, it can be applied without preliminary consultation with the doctor. At the same time it is worth remembering that solution is able to cause allergic reaction. Before application it is recommended to carry out the following procedure: to apply drop of liquid on elbow bend and to watch this place within 15 min. if with the processed leather everything is all right, there is no itch, burning – it is possible to use solution safely. At emergence of such symptoms as dizziness, vomiting, weakness it is necessary to see doctor urgently. And previously to wash away medicine from elbow.

For improvement of condition of hair 1-2 times a week are recommended to apply chemerichny water on hair on all length. It is possible to distribute liquid by means of cotton tampon, the syringe, spray. After drawing, hair need to be combed well. It is optional to wash the head after use of chemerichny water. The first minutes of the procedure on the head there can be burning sensation, however in rather it has to pass.

It is contraindicated to use false hellebore at pregnancy and feeding by breast and also in case of availability of damages on skin.

Use of chemerichny water is especially shown to people with fat type of hair. Owners of dry and brittle hair need to be accurate not to overdry them. So, it is possible to take the following advice: in a few minutes after drawing on hair of chemerichny water, over it to use burdock oil. One of the most effective remedies on the basis of chemerichny water is lotion from officinal herbs. That to prepare it it is necessary to mix sage leaves (20 g), nettles (20 g), cones of hop ordinary (40 g), roots of naked licorice (10 g) and also pod of burning pepper. The turned-out mix should be shifted in opaque capacity and to fill in with vodka (250 ml). To leave to infuse at the room temperature within 18 days. After that 100 ml of tincture mix with turpentine (20 ml), castor oil (30 ml) and chemerichny water (50 ml). The turned-out lotion needs to be applied to head skin for 30 minutes.

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