The interesting ideas for manicure in house conditions

The interesting ideas for manicure in house conditions

Sometimes the woman wants something brand new in image. It is the simplest to experiment with color of varnish, but monotone – it is boring. To change image, it is not required to go to salon and to give the large sum of money. It is quite possible to make interesting manicure independently, using usual varnish and some make-shifts.

It is surprising how by means of the usual newspaper or water it is possible to execute creative manicure in house conditions. It is worth trying it at least once in life.

We read between lines

One of the easiest performed by is newspaper manicure. This equipment requires transparent finishing covering, matt lacquer of any light shade – coral, blue, mint and also pieces of newspapers and alcohol.

To make interesting manicure independently, it is necessary to polish nail plates with piece of suede or special bar. So the covering will lay down ideally exactly. At first nails are required to be covered with background shade of varnish. Then it needs to be dried up completely not to grease at transfer of the drawing from the newspaper. To moisten pieces of newspapers with alcohol to dissolve paint. To put them to the made-up nails and to press slightly. To wait until alcohol evaporates and to remove newspapers. From above to put finishing covering. Newspaper manicure is ready.

Marble patterns

Marble or water manicure will demand more time, but also it looks more stylish. For its performance the container with cool water, toothpick, finishing covering, one, lighter, varnish is necessary for basis, at least two bright opaque shades of varnish and some nacreous for creation of marble patterns. Creative manicure in house conditions is carried out in several stages. At first nails become covered with varnish basis of pastel shade. Then varnish for ornament is prepared. In the container full to the brim with water small amount of dark color varnish pours out. When on water circles spread, lighter varnish and a little bright covering with spangles is added. Process repeats 2-3 times before education on water surface of resistant film. Then colors quickly mix up toothpick so that the beautiful pattern has turned out. After that fingers are in turn dipped into water. On nails the drawing is printed. Water manicure from cuticle comes to an end with removal of surplus of varnish. It can be done by means of Q-tip and acetone. For firmness of the drawing the nails become covered by the transparent finish.

Manicure in 5 minutes

If there is no time to potter with difficult patterns, and there is a wish to look originally very much, it is possible to use ready varnishes with unusual effects. For example, covering with magnet or craquelure. Varnish with magnet is covering with parts of metal. It is rather simple to make up nails, and then to bring to them magnet, and on plates the interesting drawing is formed. Varnish craquelure means formation of the beautiful cracks developing in pattern. Such manicure is done in two stages. At first cover plates with varnish basis and, without waiting for drying, apply varnish craquelure which when drying decrepitates.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team