The moisturizing cream: right choice

The moisturizing cream: right choice

– the compulsory procedure necessary for maintenance of health of skin at any age. And here not to do without the moisturizing cream. It is necessary to choose this cosmetic, proceeding from several criteria.

On season

In warm season the cosmetologists recommend to use easier means which are not leaving greasy luster and not clogging up skin pores. Indispensable condition – presence at filter cream from ultraviolet rays. Any acids which are contained in creams under the influence of the sun can lead to formation of pigmental spots therefore it is better to refuse them in the flying.

With the onset of cold weather it is possible to pass to more dense and dense creams enriched with vitamins and time personal additives, nourishing skin.

On age

Young girls can choose the easy moistening means, the universal, or picked-up for type skin, and here it is better for mature ladies to give preferences to the means containing antioxidants, collagen, Retinolum and also vitamins A and With – it will help to keep skin youth.

As skin

Dry skin requires additional food therefore her owners should pay attention to the means enriched with natural oils, glycerin, hyaluronic acid.

For fat skin, on the contrary, the excessive oily structure of cream will be to the detriment therefore it is better to choose means with mark of oil free. Glycerin is also undesirable to skin of this kind.

For the problem skin inclined to formation of acne, it is worth choosing creams which part sulfur is, zinc, alpha and beta hydroacids – they will have salutary effect on condition of skin.

 The special creams drying the T-zone and at the same time moisturizing face skin will be suitable for the combined type. But it is possible to use different types of creams for various sites.

Owners of normal skin can use neutral creams without the special additives used for problem, dry or oily skin. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team