The most certain ways to win against cellulitis

The most certain ways to win against cellulitis

So-called "orange-peel" - problem essential and relevant, but at system approach and due persistence quite solvable.

As there is "orange-peel"

Cellulitis happens not only at the women suffering from excess weight but also and at quite harmonious, even thin. And in general the first symptoms of cellulitis can be shown already at teenage age. The sedentary life (leads to violation of mikrotserkulyation in fabrics), improper feeding (provokes accumulation of fat deposits), addictions and even heredity are considered as basic reasons of its emergence.

How the effect of "orange-peel" is formed? It is worth "blaming" for it fat which collects in adipocytes (fat cages). Over time it destroys cages, at the same time partitions between them are condensed. As a result of protrusion of fat segments not too esthetic roughnesses are visible.

Ways of fight against cellulitis

1. Healthy nutrition

Transition to fractional food (5 times a day in the small portions) will be ideal option. Intervals between meals have to make about 3 hours, and the volume of one portion should not exceed glass. Besides, reduce salt consumption, exclude smoked products and canned food.

2. Self-massage

Regular massage of problem zones by means of special rollers and brushes can yield quite good result when cellulitis is not strongly expressed.

3. Anti-cellulite massage

One of the most effective ways of fight against cellulitis - professional massage. There are several its types: manual, can, hardware. Procedure essence one: improvement of microcirculation and lymph flow, increase in tone of skin. Massage is carried out by course from 10 to 20 procedures, periodchnost - time in half a year.

4. Anti-cellulite cosmetics, wrappings

Anti-cellulite cosmetics not always has due effect, despite all promises of producers. The fact is that it is rather difficult to active agents to get through skin and to affect zone with the broken microcirculation. Wrappings in this plan often are more effective.

5. Bathtubs with sea salt

As the auxiliary procedure the bathtub with sea salt will approach. Dissolve 500 g of salt of the Dead Sea in the bathtub filled with water and plunge into it on belt, procedure duration - 15 minutes, frequency - if it is short, then it is possible every day. After completion of the procedure take contrast shower. Such bathtubs improve appearance of skin, help to remove toxins, and cellulitis becomes visually less noticeable.

6. Saloon procedures

At late stages of cellulitis when other measures almost do not work, it is possible to resort to saloon procedures. One of the most effective is the ozonoterapiya. Procedure essence - hypodermic introduction of ozone by means of special microneedles. Course - up to 20 sessions.

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