The most fashionable smells: we choose style perfume

The most fashionable smells: we choose style perfume

Use of spirits is not only way to emphasize the identity, but also opportunity to show to people around that you are is aware of current trends. After all new aromas become fashionable every season.

Emphasized elegance

Speaking about sensual aromas, it is necessary to mention the new Miss Dior lines of spirits - Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet. The note of the blossoming peony, however spirits in itself very soft, insinuating and velvety is the cornerstone of aroma. The Sicilian tangerine, peach, favourite flower of Christian Dior - rose and also white musk supplement composition. This aroma will be to the taste to very womanly persons and direct girls, something similar to the person of aroma – the actress Natali Prtman.

Other fashionable and very refined aroma has been thought up by the perfumery guru of the present - Jean-Claude Elena. It has created the new version of aroma of Jour d'Hermès - Jour d’Hermès Absolu.

Perfumery gourmets were enraptured with this creation. At the same time in operating time over Jour d’Hermès Elena has broken canons habitual to all. The aroma is deprived of structure of spirits habitual to much and separate notes therefore it is very difficult to define what is its cornerstone - lily, jasmine, gardenia, rose, sweet pea or flowers of apricot. One more very popular smell - La Vie Est Belle, Lancôme. This spring it left in the new facilitated version. Its composition is formed by aromas of magnolia, iris, vanilla, almonds, caramelized sugar and white colors.

Fresh fruit aromas

Lovers of fresh aromas will obviously estimate new creation of the Marc Jacobs brand - Daisy Eau So Fresh Delight and Daisy Delight.Daisy Delight with notes of apples, quince and freesia more sweet, but Daisy Eau So Fresh Delight - weightless and almost inaudible. The composition reveals notes of white tea and pink pepper, however further it is supplemented by mix from red orange, violet, raspberry and apricot. Certainly it is worth paying attention and to new Bright Crystal Absolu from Versace. The perfumer Alberto Morillas who has created the first version of legendary Bright Crystal has acted as his author. The updated version is complemented with notes of pomegranate and the Chinese lemon to skid. And the author left habitual composition from raspberry, lotus, peony, ambergris, musk and magnolia without change.


The new aroma left also at the brand of Bvlgari. The novelty is called Omnia Indian Garnet and, judging by the name, inspiration for its creation is India. Upper notes – orange mix with tangerine, and in the center of composition – ambergris and osmanthus. It is very sensual aroma which will suit girls with exotic appearance. Besides, it will hardly leave indifferent impulsive, passionate natures. Spirits from Dolce&Gabbana – Dolce with notes of flowers of papaya, neroliya, musk, cashmere tree, white Amaryllis became also absolute sensation of the perfumery market. The last has been never used for creation of perfumery creations before.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team