The natural looking after face make-up: miracle cream the hands

The natural looking after face make-up: miracle cream the hands

Production of cosmetics the hands not only fascinating occupation, but also full confidence in what is received by your skin. Such approach to question of the choice of the looking after cosmetics allows to create cream which will satisfy completely to requirements of skin and to correspond to its type.

Before trying on on itself role of the chemist of cosmetic laboratory, pay attention to compliance of components to type of skin. In category of base oils the owners of dry skin will suit apricot, olive, peach, sesame, coconut oils and also avocado oil, shi, jojoba and macadamia; fat — peach, grape seeds, corn, almond and thistles; sensitive — sea-buckthorn, burdock, lemon, black caraway seeds and St. John's wort.

As emulsifiers for dry type use beeswax or guar gum; fat — cetyl alcohol and stearate of sucrose; stearic acid and sodium alginate will be suitable for sensitive skin.

Among active agents the most effective are moisturizing components - propolis, beebread, extracts of linden and liquid vitamin E. For fight against greasy luster use dry yeast, extract of hop or ginger. Camomile extract, tincture of peony and liquid vitamin F will help to calm skin.

Besides the chosen components the distilled water, flower hydrolat or grass broth will be required. For receiving cream of average density use 60% of broth or water, 30% of fat oil, 2% of emulsifier, 5–7% of active agents and several drops of essential oil. The rejuvenating KleopatryIngredienta's cream: - 5 g of powder of aloe; - 40 ml of purified water; - 10 g of honey; - 200 g of melted fat. Powder of aloe, medical and water carefully mix. Put ware on water bath and gradually enter fresh melted lard. Shift ready weight in convenient capacity and you store in the fridge. Except the rejuvenating effect, cream calms sensitive skin. Cream jelly for the combined and fat kozhiingrediyenta: - 1 ½ tablespoons of agar-agar; - 30 ml of glycerin; - 70 ml of water; - 0.5 g of menthol; - 2–3 drops of essential oil. Dissolve agar-agar on water bath in glycerin and water. In ¼ tsps of alcohol dissolve menthol and several drops of favourite essential oil. Connect structures and carefully mix. You store cream in the cool place.

Carefully it is necessary to use natural creams in eye area. Because they are capable to dry gentle area, it is recommended to apply them to moist skin.

Collagenic kremingrediyenta: Group A - 7 ml of oil of calendula; - 7 ml of oil of macadamia; - 6 g of natural emulsifier; Group B - 25 ml of hydrosol of jasmine; - 5 ml of gel of aloe belief; Group C - 6 ml of sea collagen; - 3 ml of kombucha; - Connect 12 drops of ECOGard PlusMasla preservative of group A on water bath to emulsifier. In other capacity mix group B components. After full dissolution of emulsifier connect the prepared mixes. Cool emulsion to room temperature and add sea collagen, preservative and kombucha.

It is possible to store house creams within 3–4 weeks.

Skin cream around glazingrediyenta: - 50 g of beeswax; - 60 g of almond oil; - pink water. Kindle wax and oil on water bath. By means of nimbus shake up to foamy state and add 8–10 drops of pink water. You store cream in the fridge.

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