The original ideas for wedding hairstyle

The original ideas for wedding hairstyle

Wedding hairstyles have to emphasize charm of the bride and be in harmony with wedding dress. Ideal laying without problems keeps all day, does not demand constantly correction and beautifully looks from different foreshortenings. Consider also fashion trends, they will add relevance to wedding ensemble.

Effective bow

Such laying beautifully looks with veil or without it. For its embodiment hair of average length are necessary, the density of locks is not basic. That the hairstyle has turned out more volume, process hair dry shampoo in spray, and then carefully comb them brush.

Divide hair into two equal parts. Tie locks on nape in tail by means of thin elastic band. He has to settle down precisely on the center of the head. At the basis of tail strengthen two hair-nets. Comb tail by means of hairbrush with thin teeths, and then smooth brush that it became flat. Record tail hairspray and put on him grid.

Comb front part of hair back and to the right. Twist locks in plait, you will not reach the tail basis yet. Wrap it plait and fix by hairpin. Comb the ends of lock, smooth brush and sprinkle varnish. Take away this part of hair in grid. Upper tail wrap around finger at an angle 45 degrees. Pin curl hairpin. In the same way twirl the second tail. Record design hairpin from within and decorate hairstyle fresh or artificial with flowers. If you want to put on veil, pin it under bow.

Fashionable nodes under veil

The hairstyle can become the basis for veil, having replaced with itself traditional wreath. In this case the veil is kidding directly to hair. Try to do simple hair with node on the top - on it it will be possible to strengthen veil. Process clean hair the smoothing cream or spray and carefully comb brush. Divide them into parting at the side. Take lock on the left side from hair parting and begin to twist it in plait, slightly raising. Pin up the turned-out roller hairpins. Repeat reception on the other side of the head. For bigger reliability the rollers can be pinned up long hairpins with rhinestones. Separate the third part of free hair, collect the remained locks in tail on the top and tie thin elastic band. Divide free hair into three parts and weave simple braid. Twist the hair collected in tail in plait, curtail it into node and pin up hairpins. Wrap braid around node, sprain tip inside and fix by hairpin. To veil pin to braid. If you are not going to put on veil, decorate node small artificial or fresh with flowers, strengthened on hairpins. Also the girl with short or semi-long hair can do similar hair. Use chignon in the form of braid or tail, it will help to create the necessary effect. Process temple hair the modeling skin and comb back. Comb locks on forehead, smooth brush and too remove. Slightly shift front part of hair on forehead that the easy wave was formed. Record locks invisible beings and varnish of strong fixing. Pin chignon on the top large number of hairpins. Turn off artificial hair into magnificent volume node. It should not turn out too heavy. It is better for fop to pin not to node, and to hair over it, so the hairstyle will better keep.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team