The overview of means on face cleaning

The overview of means on face cleaning

At face skin care it is important not correct to humidify and protect it, but also and it is correct to clean. Use of improper means can cause serious problems with skin which can affect afterwards its state not in the best way. Therefore it is so important to pick up the cleaning means suitable for your type of skin and to carefully follow rules of ideal clarification of the person.

As a rule, the cosmetic standard of clarification includes two main stages – makeup removal and toning. In case with dry skin, the third stage – moistening increases.

Means for clarification of the person

Soap. It is well-known that it is not the best way of clarification of the person. Usual soap possesses high rate of pH therefore can cause excessive dryness and peeling. Women can only use specialized cosmetic soap with oily skin, but no more than 2-3 times a week. Otherwise skin will begin to produce several times more skin fat, it can lead to obstruction of time.

 Make-up remover milk. Is ideal only for dry type of skin as along with clarification also moistens face. At the fat or combined skin after use of milk it is worth washing water or to use tonic.

Cleansing oil. Similar to milk, improves complexion and saves from mimic wrinkles. Also is not suitable for the fat and combined skin as can cause acne or formation of black dots.

Gel for washing. It cleans not only external pollution, but also works deeply in time. This means has essential minus – it breaks protective layer of leather as purifies it from fat of which it also consists.

Tonic. As a rule, it is used in final stage, after milk or gel. Its main function – recovery of natural balance of the person. This means can exercise for any type of skin, it is important to pick up it judgment. Alcohol-containing tonics should be used only at oily skin and at all not every day.

Deep face peel assumes use of such means as srubs and exfoliants (peeling).

To Skrabudalyaet from skin the keratosic particles and the died-off cages, it is also intended to make skin smooth and shining. Usually it contains solid particles of natural or artificial origin. At normal skin it is possible to use srubs 2-3 times a week, at dry – no more than one. You watch after application of this means on skin there was no irritation.

Exfoliants also clean skin pores, but in the nonmechanical, and chemical way. Their structure contains fruit or lactic acids, and they clean face more carefully and more softly. In house conditions it is possible to use piece of any fruit or segment citrus, but it will only refresh skin, and will not allow to make full makeup removal.

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