The person without wrinkles: we aim at perfection!

The person without wrinkles: we aim at perfection!

Time inevitably rushes forward. The yesterday's awkward little girl turns into the young charming beauty. The young woman blossoms in the seductive matron. Unfortunately, people are not imperious over age. The fifty-year-old woman cannot look as the twenty-year-old girl even if she devotes all the time to care for appearance. With age there is natural withering of skin if ladies lead the wrong life, constantly wrinkle forehead, do not look after the person, then appearance of the first wrinkles is possible also at younger age. The recommended advice will help women to look well-groomed and attractive.

How to remove wrinkles? We refuse addictions!

Around mouth lead to deep folds: supporting by hands of cheeks and chin, collecting of lips in tubule, contemptuous grimaces, the wrinkled forehead, the frowned eyebrows. The frequent prishchurivaniye of eyes becomes the reason of bags under eyes and "goose pads". Tears and negative emotions not in the best way affect condition of face skin and health in general. Good mood, friendly smile, quiet face – guarantee of preservation of youth.

We lead the correct life

Our skin is worked great mischief by the wrong way of life. It is necessary to refuse smoking in time, to learn not to abuse coffee, alcohol, greasy and spicy food. The best wrinkles medicine – healthy eight-hour sleep. It is important to try to fill up till 23 o'clock.

We get rid of wrinkles in house conditions: daily procedures

Daily in the morning and it is necessary to carry out five-minute massage in the evening, driving in nutritious cream into face skin and necks with finger-tips. Very well for these purposes to use olive oil. Also hour air bathtubs, and in any weather are necessary for skin. It is good to leave more often the person without powder and cosmetics. The daily gymnastics for the person against mimic wrinkles yields amazing results. Two times a week are desirable to do compresses of collecting officinal herbs, the cold and hot lotions stimulating blood circulation. Fine wrinkles medicine are lifting masks which are imposed at least two times a week. Such procedures after hot compress or steam bathtub are especially effective. The mask is usually imposed for 15-20 minutes. It is better to wash away structure from face without efforts not to stretch skin. After the procedure the face needs to be wiped with tonic or lotion, and then to grease with the cream corresponding to certain type of skin and I will increase.

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