The plants giving beauty

The plants giving beauty

Many plants which can always be found near at hand have surprising cosmetic properties! It is chosen natural products for personal care this flying: such cosmetics the most available, useful and safe.


Aloes - popular house plant which can survive in conditions when other plants fade and perish. In emergency situations it closes time, holding moisture in leaf.

Properties: juice of aloe has the fantastic moistening properties: it gets into skin 4 times faster, than water!

Effect: creates lifting effect and deeply moisturizes the skin.


One of the most popular and favourite berries in our country. Blackcurrant will yield more big crop of large berries if to put row several different grades - for mutual repollination.

Properties: this berry exceeds all others by amount of the vitamins which are contained in it. Besides the maximum content of vitamin C, blackcurrant contains all range of vitamins of group B, vitamins O, E, K and PP.

Effect: increases elasticity, levels complexion and improves elasticity of skin, reduces dark circles under eyes.


Lemon - the frequenter both on our table, and in our cosmetics. This citrus brought to those places where they do not grow quite often is bitterish on taste - means; they were broken too early and that have considerably reduced useful properties.

Properties: the most valuable to cosmetology - the bleaching and matting property of lemon. This fruit contains shock dose of vitamin C and microelements therefore has the vitaminizing effect.

Effect: reduces skin oiliness, smoothes wrinkles, gives to skin gladkost and dullness.


The champion on iodine content! The structure of laminaria is unique - in it many polysaccharides, organic acids, vitamins of vegetable protein and macrocells.

Properties: the laminaria is rich with vitamin A (natural Retinolum) which protects skin from presenilation, provides it elasticity and elasticity. And also stimulates synthesis of collagen and improves skin tone.

Effect: strengthens face contours and levels wrinkles.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team