The popular equipment of make-up — konturing

The popular equipment of make-up — konturing

The equipment of make-up popular today has come to us from theatrical stage of the late Middle Ages. Actors of the well-known theater Globus used this equipment that the audience of gallery could see mimicry of Shakespearean characters. They covered face with chalk, and shades directed soot.

It is difficult to believe, but this equipment has held on up to the 19th century when the first electric lamps were lit. At bright lighting the person smeared by chalk and soot became similar to agonal mask, and actors have begun to use sculptural make-up.

Max Factor which has worked as the assistant to the make-up artist in the Bolshoi Theatre has developed beauty calibrator for Hollywood. The pancake equipment so was pleasant to actresses that they began to use it not only on shooting stages. Ben Nye, not less famous makeup artist whose works we remember according to the movie Gone with the Wind has improved this technology of make-up. He has presented us make-up ньюд. Scarlett O'Hara performed by Vivien Leigh became style icon until it was succeeded by glamour of the 50th years. Then game of light shadow has been brought to perfection.

Revolutionary the 90th have opened the road for konturing from big screens to the real world. However only stars could estimate this equipment, and mere mortals admired their beauty outside red carpet. And only in 2010 Kim Kardashyan has opened for us simple secret of beauty in the Instagram. Social networks have finally erased borders of opportunities and her followers have with great feeling rushed to do ideal make-up on nonideal cheekbones.

Today there are several directions of konturing. By means of henna or autosuntan the tonturing is created. Long-playing make-up which allows not to spend in front of the mirror much time daily. On podiums the clownish konturing has set in. The models representing the Hood by Air brand with not shaded konturing, at first have seemed to public ridiculous, but now all unanimously repeat that it is style.

After all, the fashion is only trend of fresh breeze. The fact that yesterday it seemed beautiful can be ridiculous tomorrow and vice versa.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team