The proofreader for the person: rules of selection and use

The proofreader for the person: rules of selection and use

In fight for faultless tone of skin not only liquid foundation and cream, but also powder will be useful to women, and, above all – the proofreader. This cosmetic helps to disguise defects, to cope with enlarged pores, circles under eyes and other troubles. But that the proofreader on perfectly coped with objectives, it is necessary to pick up and use product correctly.

The proofreader for the person belongs to the category of means for masking. Sometimes it is called also concealer, however the concealer serves only for elimination of dark circles under eyes. The spectrum of action of the proofreader is broader – masking of pimples, reddenings, freckles. When using the proofreader it is necessary to remember that this means is applied only on problem zone. These cosmetic products can have different shade – the color meets yellow, corporal, apricot, pink, blue and even green. Every color is responsible for different opportunities. So, it is necessary to pick up the green proofreader for masking of heat-spots. Blue and lilac proofreaders will help to hide pigmental spots. And here yellow and apricot colors are thought up for elimination of dark circles under eyes. The white proofreader will clarify skin, will correct face form. Shine and healthy flush will give silver color. Pink color serves for elimination of gray shade of skin, it does face fresh.

Corporal proofreaders are considered as the most universal. They will become the ideal choice for masking of small shortcomings or alignment of tone.

Buying the masking means, it is important to consider its density. To hide hems, it is necessary to use dense concealer. The proofreader, more liquid on texture, is required for visual reduction of circles under eyes. On the consistence these cosmetic products can be not only liquid and firm, but also oily.

Liquid proofreaders quickly spread on skin therefore at their drawing it is important to work without delay. Oily means it is simpler in application, they will help to make tone equal. Means, firm on consistence, are more similar to cosmetic pencils. Flow down most often contain vitamin supplements therefore they do skin velvety. At their drawing it is necessary to distribute carefully structure on sites with wrinkles – the proofreader can be killed into folds. Before putting the adjusting means it is necessary to moisturize at first the skin, to distribute basis under make-up. Try not to impose the proofreader thick layer because after it it will be necessary to use both foundation and powder. It is the best of all to shade color fingers, it is possible to take thin brush. Firm flow down it is possible to put also over basis, but it is necessary to distribute them only fingers.

Using the proofreader for masking of heat-spots, the acne needs to be applied for a start on hems transparent gel. In couple of minutes it is possible to distribute the adjusting means.

When drawing the proofreader it is necessary to squeeze out several drops of means on palm or sponge, and then little by little to take weight. More resistant covering will turn out if to apply the masking face cream with damp sponge. For evening make-up the equal shade can be received, distributing the proofreader brush.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team