The reasons of black dots on nose

The reasons of black dots on nose

Some people on nose have black dots. At their availability the person looks untidy, is not well-groomed. It is possible to get rid of this cosmetic defect, and even in house conditions. However at first it is necessary to reveal the nature of their origin.

Black dots on nose have the medical name – open comedones. Most often they arise at the increased fat content of the person. They appear owing to blockage of sebaceous glands dust and the died-off cages. The reasons of appearance of comedones on nose are various. For example, they can appear from behind improper feeding. If you love greasy, spicy and smoked food, you should not be surprised, having seen dark dots on nose.

Incorrectly picked up skin care can become the reason of emergence of this cosmetic defect. Let's say if you neglect clarification of the person, the probability of appearance of comedones considerably increases. In this case it is necessary to address the expert for consultation.

The person who is in depression or having stress can notice black dots on nose. The thing is that at nervous breakdowns the chemical composition of skin fat undergoes changes. Normalize the emotional state, for this purpose begin to attend psychological trainings, register in yoga. The ecological situation in the country can also provoke appearance of comedones on skin of the person. Dust, the increased humidity, strong wind – all this negatively you influence condition of the person.

For this reason it is necessary to purify skin daily.

This skin illness can be descended. Physicians claim that in this case it is almost impossible to struggle with it, genes prevail.

One of the most effective methods of removal of comedones is manual or hardware cleaning of time. It is the best of all to carry out this procedure in beauty shop. However you can squeeze out pimples and houses. For this purpose steam out face, using grass broth. Disinfect fingers alcohol. Accurately squeeze out pimples, after that process leather resolvent.

If you have enlarged pores, it is impossible to use steam bath.

For reduction of black dots on nose use folk remedies. Mix tablespoon of gelatin with the same amount of milk. Slightly warm up mix, cool and apply on area of congestion of comedones. In 10 minutes remove the film formed on nose. Use cosmetic clay, various srubs (for example, prepared on the basis of sea salt). In drugstore you can get the funds allocated for removals of black dots. It is possible to purify skin by means of various gels, masks, lotions.

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