The recipe of mask for hair from dandruff

The recipe of mask for hair from dandruff

Dandruff brings a lot of trouble: still, "snow flakes" spoil these not only hairstyle, but mood. Fortunately, it is possible to get rid of dandruff. And the checked folk remedies will help with it.

House cosmetics from dandruff are diverse: they can be simple (one-component, for example, burdock oil) or difficult. But before use of such curative structure it is necessary to test mix (it is done to be convinced that there is no allergy). For this purpose apply cosmetic mix on wrist, leave for 13-15 minutes, and later check: if there is no reddening, means can be used safely.

Mask from onions peel from dandruff

Recipe of this cosmetic such:

- 2 tablespoons of bark of oak; - 2-3 tablespoons of onions peel;

- water liter. The onions peel and bark of oak are filled in with the begun to boil water then mix is cooked on small fire of 47-50 minutes. Then broth is cooled and filtered. The ready structure is applied on radical system and locks (hair when drawing mask have to be dry), cover the head with plastic bag and warmed terry towel. In 2-2.5 hours rinse hair with warm water. Such procedure should be done twice a week.

Masks on oily base from dandruff

For preparation of the cosmetic which is effectively struggling with dandruff use such ingredients: - 4-5 tablespoons of olive oil; - juice from lemon half. Components mix, then slightly warm up mix on water bath and apply to head skin. Such procedure should be done for hour before washing of the head. Treatment course lasts 3 weeks provided that every week do 2-3 procedures. If desired olive oil can be replaced with castor, almond or peach oil. And instead of lemon juice it is possible to take radish juice, egg yolk, honey and even essential oils.

Cottage cheese mask from dandruff

To prepare houseconditionssuch cosmetic mix in , take the following components: - glass of beer; - 150-170 g of cottage cheese. For dry hair it is necessary to take fat cottage cheese, and here for fat – fermented milk product with the minimum content of fat. Components mix, then apply the turned-out gruel on roots of hair, and evenly distribute the means which has remained after that on all length of locks. Wash away gruel in half an hour (at first rinse hair with warm water, and later wash the head with shampoo).

Kefir from dandruff

Remarkably the kefiric mask fights against "snow flakes". For its preparation take such components: - egg; - glass of kefir. Components mix then means is applied to head skin and accurately rub. The remained mix is distributed on all length of hair. Leave mask for 33-35 minutes, then wash away warm water with shampoo.

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